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Two Finger Strike
Name Two Finger Strike
Rank A
Range Close Range
Type Offensive
Parent jutsu Taijutsu
Open Palm Strike
Three Finger Strike
Derived jutsu One Finger Strike
User(s) Kensei Koshiharu
Shikyo Fushiawase

Two Finger Strike is an immensely powerful Taijutsu technique used by Kensei Koshiharu and Shikyo Fushiawase.  It's predecessors were Open Palm Strike, Four Finger Strike, and Three Finger Strike, and it's successor was One Finger Strike


To use this technique the practitioner begins by bending in their thumb, their pinky, and their finger next to their pinky to their palm, and keeping their remaining two fingers sticking out straight next to each other, after which striking the target with these fingers.  The destructive force is capable of causing small earthquakes. 

Known UsersEdit

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