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Name Tsumibito
Kanji 罪人
Romanji Tsumibito
Personal Status
Hometown Shimogakure
Home Country Land of Frost
Affiliation Shimogakure
Academy Grad. Age 13
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Jutsu Nature Icon Ice Ice Shard Split
Nature Icon Ice Ice Prison Technique
Nature Icon Ice Hiding in Frost Technique
Nature Icon Ice Ice Disk Technique
Nature Icon Water Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Nature Icon Water Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Yin-Yang Body Flicker Technique

Tsumibito (罪人, Sinner; ; ; ) is a shinobi loosely affiliated with the village of Shimogakure, in much the same manner as Tsunade was after the Third Shinobi World War. Officially, he is ranked as a chūnin, yet his abilities with Water Release and Wind Release, as well as a bastardized Ice Release, make him possibly Shimogakure's most famous member.



Tsumibito is a slim young person of androgynous appearance, with pale bluish-white hair. He wears mesh armor underneath a dark shirt and shinobi pants. A white piece of cloth, tied over one shoulder, approximates a loose vest.


Tsumibito is possibly the strongest shinobi of the Land of Frost, having gained his fame in the Fourth Shinobi World War against Zetsu clones and even the reincarnated Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, matching Chukichi in his mastery of the Shimogakure no Jutsu. However, his relative frailty forced him to retreat against the man's superior firepower and limitless chakra.


Tsumibito has an acute weakness in the field of taijutsu, with his body being extremely physically weak due to his extensive ninjutsu training. However, when in physical combat he can cope relatively well, often misdirecting his opponent with defensive uses of the Ice Prison Technique to act as a shield and a medium for additional ice techniques. He has also shown the ability to channel wind or ice chakra through and around his body to act as another barrier to physical combat.

Nature TransformationEdit

Tsumibito's main level of skill lies in the simultaneous manipulation of Wind Release and Water Release to form a bastardized version of Ice Release, similar to that used by the ninja of the Land of Snow. In his home country of the Land of Frost, the weaknesses of his variation are all but negated by the terrain. Several of his techniques manipulate pre-existing ice, or are the rare techniques involving ice that are categorized as Water Release arts. He is also skilled in the technique that shares his village's name, the Hiding in Frost Technique.
Hiding in Frost Techinque

Shimogakure no Jutsu.

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