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Tsumegakure (lit. Village Hidden in the Claws) is a hidden village in the Land of Claws, which serves as it's main location of trade, imports, exports, economics, and foreign affairs, as it's were the leader and his family currently resides.  The leader of this village is called Levitator; he'd like to be called a Kage, but can't do to Tsumegakure not yet recognized as one of the great hidden villages. 



Levitator PalaceEdit

Soldier Burial GroundEdit

Levitator Burial GroundEdit

Training GroundEdit


Liones ClanEdit

Hawk ClanEdit

Esconor ClanEdit

Hendricksen ClanEdit

Hauser ClanEdit


  • Althugh some believe that the village was founded by a member of the Inuzuka Clan, do to it's name, it's unknown if this is actually true or not. 
  • The true namesake of the village is unknown. 
  • Tsumegakure shares very strong diplomatic relations with Kibagakure of the Land of Fangs, and both Inukagakure and Koyoogakure of the Land of Wolves. 

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