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Returning to camp from relieving herself behind a tree, Brook said to her traveling companions "Right, we shouldn't stay here too much longer, even though they think I am dead it is good not to stay in one place and risk coming in contact with a shinobi who would reconize me and report his findings." Then she went over and grabbed her prepacked stuff, putting her pack on and returning her gaze to her companions.

"Well you guys, I think we are out of kunais and shuriken." Raiko says dumbfounded disregarding what Brook just said. "Well maybe if you didn't waste them all on that last bounty mission, we would of never been in this predicament." Kiriko says is a frustrated tone. "What, those bandits summoned a huge monster slug." Raiko replies. "It was a genjutsu, and if me and Brook didn't recognize it you would still be imagining a slug." Kiriko says.

"Well I'm sorry I'm not that good at detecting genjutsu like you and Brook, but we will have to go to Kumogakure to get some more shuriken and Kunai. I know someone there that will get us some for a discount." Raiko says smiling.

"As long as they are not broken, chipped or otherwise useless to us then we will buy them but I'll be handling our money, I don't trust you with it after you nearly lost it at the last village when you were tricked into gambeling half our money away for a prize we do don't even know would help us." She then walked up to him and put her hand out, waiting for him to give her the money as she gave him a stern expression.

"What, it was over 500 thousand ryo on the line, I wasn't going to pass that up." Raiko replies. Raiko then gives the money to Brook and says, "How do I know your not going to use it to buy something like new cloths or you and Kiriko some new hair stuff like you did a few days ago." Raiko says in suspicion.

Brook laughted then said "Because I am obviously better at holding on to my money than you are, I went more than seven months without spending any of my money when I ran away from Iwagakure and the amount I had is what you threw away on gambeling!" Then she put the money away, seperate from her personal funds and turned towards the direction of Kumokagure.

She walked forwards a few feet then stopped and said "We should watch our step, I heard rumors about the village being attacked and overrun by bandits, it's better we don't reveal our abilities as much as possible while training to better our skill with our techniques and attaining new techniques as much as possible."

"Oh really, well then maybe we should find this group of bandits and take them out. Maybe we could get a reward. Hehehe." Raiko says as he and Kiriko start walking with Brook to Kumogakure. "By the way Raiko who is this guy that is going to help us out with our weapons, and how do you know him?" Kiriko asks. "Well, he is a very skilled swordsmen, I think he could easily take on 2 or more members or the 7 ninja swordsmen at the same time and win. And that's not the kicker, you will see when you meet him." Raiko says smiling.

As they talked, Brook was not sure what to do, the point of faking her death was to lay low and not draw attention to herself so that Iwagakure won't catch up to her however, going off to fight bandits when they didn't need to worried her, that would be drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

But she didn't say anything, looking ahead with a blank expression on her face, lost in her own thoughts as they walked forward, hearing what her companions said but only on a subconsious level so she wouldn't be able to respond to anything they said.

3 hours later they get to Kumogakure, "Well, we are here." Raiko says to his teammates. "Well, now to find my friend." Raiko says. Raiko and his team go around the village, they see kids playing, people buying things from stands and different stuff going on. "Ahh here is his house." Raiko says as he jumps to the porch, he knocks on the door.

A man about 6'3 or 6'4 with dark skin, and goggles on answer and says, "Raiko, long time no see, how are you?" "Ok, you know just the same ol' same ol', hey I came by to see if you could supply us with shuriken and kunai." Raiko says." "Well come and, and your friends can come in too." The man says. Kiriko walks in, now they wait for Brook.

Not really paying attention to what was going on, Brook walks into the the house and stands next to Raiko, staring ahead as she thinks about what the future holds, not hearing a single word that is said. As she continued to think, she wondered if joining with Raiko and Kiriko was a good idea after all, they were nice enough but they were rash and reckless but then again, so was she, Brook admitted to herself.

"By the way, Raiko's friends, I am Tetsu." Tetsu says "Hi I am Kiriko." She says in a very nice tone. Raiko whispers to them, "Have yall figured out whats why he is so amazing?" Tetsu then comes around the corner with 2 large boxes of kunai and shuriken. "Here you can have all these for free, oh let me get you all these" Tetsu says. As Tetus goes around the corner again Kiriko say, "Ummm, I don't see it." Raiko then says, "Do you see it Brook?"

Brook snapped out of her deep though and said "Huh?" turning to Raiko with a look of confusing on her face then several moments later it dawned on her what he was asking and she turned to Tetsu and looked closely, trying not to make it apparentt then turned to her friends and said in a wisper "Hes blind isn't he?"

"Yes he is, but he is one of the best swordsmen in this village, he is even better than the samurai in the land of iron." Raiko says. "He is, wow he must be amazing." Kiriko says.

Scepital of Raiko's claim, she look at the blind man Testu again, not seeing the possibility of him being such a talented swordmen but she didn't say anything as she didn't wish to offend Raiko or Tetsu if he overheard what she says so she remains silent.

To herself she thought to herself that he must be trying to pull her leg or something, a blind man can't fight anymore than a catapiller can so whatever this man is good at, it can't be fighting but that raised the question on he is able to get around without seeing.

"I'm really not believing you Raiko." Kiriko whispers. As soon as she says that to him at teen hopes in through a open window with his sword drawn and screams, "Sensei, I got you now." Tetsu who was bent down getting something, pulls out his sword and blocks the attack with the tip of his sword while still bent over. Then Tetsu says, "Joshin, we have been through this countless time just stop." Joshin says, "I won't stop until I beat you." Then Joshin's sword turns into sand

Tetsu moves out the way and says, "I see you have mastered your Titanium Sand, but can we do this later?" "No!" Joshin says. "Excuse me for about 7 seconds." Tetsu says to Raiko, Brook, and Kiriko. Tetsu then turns around and Joshin comes running up to him with another sword and the sand surrounding Tetsu. Tetsu ducks out of the sand and detaches a disk on the side of his sword and throws it at Joshin. Joshin jumps only to find that Tetsu is on the side of him. Tetsu kicks Joshin and sends him flying across the room. Joshin lands right at Brooks feet and says, "If only you had a dress on, I could see what was under it." Referring to her panties.

Brook started to get red in the face from anger and lifted her foot, hovering it over his face but unfortunately, he could see up her pant leg to see part of her panties though he wouldn't get to look for long as she suddenly brought it down hard at his face after a few seconds of her foot hovering over his face.

While she didn't do anything to enhance her speed or strength as she didn't want to kill him, she did put it down with enough force to break his nose and as she got close to hitting his face, a smile took over her face.

Joshin screams and rolls around the ground holding his nose. Then another person hopes through the window. "Tetsu sensei, where is Joshin?" the person says. Tetsu points over to Joshin who is rolling around ad screaming. "Where is Aiko Raiden?" Tetsu asks Raiden. "She is out with other friends." Raiden responds. Raiden looks at Raiko, Brook, and Kiriko walks over and says, "Hello, I am Raiden Hoshima, and that baffon there is Joshin." Raiden says "IM NOT A BAFOON, Ouch!" Joshin says. "Hi." Raiko and Kiriko say to Raiden.

Brook simply nodded at the newcomer, not feeling like saying a word but stared at him, watching his every move while keeping an eye on Joshin with her peripheral vision, not trusting them as far as she could throw him, no matter how far that is.

Although she had a blank expression on her face, her level of concentration on the newcomer was easy to spot, even for a novice of body language. Although not letting it be aparant on her face, she hoped to unnerve Raiden and Joshin, to let them know she was not anyone to mess with.

Raiko see the look on Brook's face and says, "Hey don't worry about these guys, they are good people." Then Kiriko says, "They seem ok, well except the one with the red hair." Then Tetsu says,

"Look Raiko, were friends, and I need your help with something. As you know, Kumo is still getting back on its feet from when it was destroyed ten years ago. That means small nations pose a threat to us, there is this one particular one that I heard rumors about. They are said to have just over 500 troops all chunin rank or higher. Well unfortunately my team was assigned to handle it with another team of ninja, knowing your skill and some of your kin..." Raiko then cuts him off and says, "Shhhhhhh." He walks over to Tetsu and whispers, "I haven't told them about my space-time kinjutsu skill." Tetsu looks at Raiko and says, "We need your help."

Tetsu then says to Kiriko and Brook, "Kiriko, the Sprout Release user, your skills will really be needed for this mission." Then he says something that nobody expected especially Brook, "And Brook, The rouge ninja from Iwagakure suspected to be dead, and also a exceptional Yin-Yang Release user. Raiko from what I heard I thought you told the Tsuchikage that she was dead." Raiko then says, "Hehe, umm oops. Its amazing how blind you are but you know so much."

Annoyance apparant on her face, she turned to Tetsu and said "Better keep that quiet old man, as far as the world knows I am dead and if word of my survival leaks out to Iwagakure or anyone who will want to use me before I am ready, then I will be coming for your head, literally!"

Besides the annoyance on her face, it was also apparant that she was dead serious and since Tetsu knew so much about her, she knew he must also know she can back up her threats though it pleases her that he doesn't know about her sage abilities.

Then Joshin being a instigator says, "Good luck trying to go for his head. As you just saw I tried to beat him, but failed." Raiden then comes and kicks him in the back of the head sending him flying out of the window. Raiden then says, "Sorry about my idiot of a friend, but I must say one thing, if you try to lay one finger on my sensei, you will have to deal with me." Raiden says with a serious look on his face. Then Joshin says, "Yeah me too!!!" Raiden then walks to the window and blows his breath towards Joshin. Joshin then says, "No wait why are you doing thaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!??" Joshin the starts to float away on what seemed to be nothing. "Catch you later sensei." Raiden says as he hops out the window.

Then Tetsu says to Brook, "Look, I also know what they tried to do to you in Iwa, I didn't think it was right either. But Raiko, you should tell them about your other skills, soon or they wont trust you." Raiko then says, "Tetsu, the time isn't right, I will tell them but not now, and I really won't show them."

A Beginning And End of A Plan

Brook turned to look at Raiko, not saying a word as she has techniques that she hasn't shared with them either however, it was he who wanted them to tag along and inside, she started to distrust him, wondering what else he is hiding from them and determined to find out.

Then Tetsu's doorbell rings and he says, "Umm, I think it is time for you all to go, I am having company here." "Ok" Raiko replies. They leave Tetsu's house and when they get outside Kiriko say, "How did he know so much about us Raiko, and what are these other skills you have." She says in a very frustrated tone. "Look, I can't tell you and I hope I don't have to show you, look lets just go to a hotel and relax there for now." Raiko says also in a frustrated tone.

The three of them find a hotel on the opposite side of time, getting two rooms for them, one for Raiko and the other for Kiriko and Brook. After getting the keys to their rooms, the group went upstairs and started to settle in their rooms but Brook was still silent.

Usually they are very converse with each other when they go somewhere, but this time no one said a word to each other. When Kiriko and Brook got to their room Kiriko says to Brook, "Now that Raiko isn't around I can talk to you about what happened, right now, I am kind of pissed at Raiko for hiding something from us like this. What do you think it is?" Kiriko asks.

"I picked up kin, so I think he meant kinjutsu, or forbidden techniques but of what nature is impossible to determine with this nature alone however, I don't make it a habit to trust anyone who uses forbidden techniques so he better come clean and prove hes not dangerou to us or I will kill him." Brook said.

She sighed and finished up with "I rather not get to that level however, I will if I must but there are still a few techniques of mine he doesn't know about either, such as my clone technique, very lethal even from a novice and near unstoppable when used by a master."

"Hehe, well maybe there are a few techniques I have I haven't told about yet, one is where I make this huge flower and this pollen spreads every where, when it gets into your breathing system, it slowly starts to suck chakra and block air waves. My Sprout Release is actually similar to the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju's Wood Release. Well how about we go to a diner and get something to eat, or the Hotels restaurant." Kiriko says to Brook.

The two of them leave the room and locks up the room, then heads out to a resturant in a convenient area between Tetsu's house and the hotel, sitting down at a table in the middle of the resturant and waited for a waiter to come and ask what they wanted to drink.

As she waited, Brook decided to pass the time by talking some more with Kiriko and asked "So, have you ever dated anyone before or is Raiko your first crush?"

"Well, no, I have had a crush on Raiko ever since I first met him. He was so nice, he saved me one time and he made friends with this dude named Hayao. Ergggggg!! I'm suppose to be mad at Raiko but yet I am talking about him. Any way, have you ever had a crush, I saw those two boys from earlier looking at you, they look good you should date one."

A sad look appeared on Brook's face and she look down at the table and after a minute of silence, she said "Once I liked this guy but he died on active duty, I haven't liked anyone since, nor do I ever think I will." She said no more about that and after another minute of silence she look at Kiriko again and said "We should do something to get back at him but I am not sure what."

"Hmm, we could try another Bisexual type of thing like we did last time. Well no, that is getting old now." Then 2 familiar faces walk in, "Raiden, why did u make me fly away, I could of fell and died." Joshin says, "Aww shut up, your just saying that because you liked that girl, what was her name, Brook I think." Raiden says. Then Joshin replies, "You liked her too don't act dumb." Then they both look over and see Brook and Kiriko.

A smile came over Brook's face, staring at Kiriko with a look that says it all. She knew that Raiko already thought she likes Kiriko and this ploy would easily be believable, getting them results better than they could otherwise get.

Brook hoped that Kiriko caught on, knowing that if she agreed to play along, she would be able to have a lot of fun with Raiko, making him suffer for pissing them off. As she waited for Kiriko to reply, not one thought of Kiriko not wanting to do it ran through her mind.

"Oh that again, your so evil Brook but I like it." Then Joshin comes over and says, "Hi, remember me, I was the handsome guy from earlier that you wanted to talk to." Joshin says to Brook. Then it was as if Raiden's kick floated to Joshin's face, Joshin goes flying into the wall of the diner and Raiden says, "Pardon my friend, see he is ummm... well lets say he is just an idiot."

Raiden says as he sits on the seat at the head of the table. "So is it ok if I buy you two dinner?" Raiden says. Then Joshin screams, "Oh you slick bastered, trying to be the nice guy." Joshin runs up to the table and says, "Look don't go with him, go with me It will be worth your while." Raiden then blows his breath at Joshin and he goes flying into the wall. "So, can I buy?"

Brook turns to Raiden and think about it for a minute, she didn't see anything wrong with letting him buy as long as he realizes that he won't get much further so smiles and says "Sure, but only dinner." Then she turned back towards Kiriko still smiling.

They order their food and Raiden pays, Joshin comes over and says to Kiriko and Brook, "Hey, you know he is trying to get 1 of yall to go on a date with him, instead of him, go out with me, I'm way cooler and more handsome than him." Raiden uses Wind Release Stream and sends Joshin flying out of his seat. Kiriko then says, "Ummm, I have someone I already like, you two are nice looking guys, but just not my type. So Brook are we gonna go through with the plan?"

Smiling again, she looks back at Kiriko and says "Of course, this will be fun." Then she turned to Raiden and says "Your not my type, sorry but you obviously have no respect for your friend and why would I date anyone like that?"

"Hm, me and Joshin are like brothers me and him play around like this all the time, he is actually stronger and smarter than me. I have the up most respect for him, oh wait maybe you wouldn't know that because you just a cocky bitch." Raiden says is a very frustrated tone, he gets up but not before leaving a tip and walks out of the diner.

Angry, Brook got up from the table and started to go after him, ready to hit him over the head for his crap and leaving Kiriko alone at the table as she was so angry, Brook forgot about her friend.

Joshin gets in her path while at the same time, Kiriko gets in front of Brook. Joshin says, "If you even try and touch him you will have to deal with me." He says in a serious voice. While Kiriko says, "No, Brook, right now we are in their territory and land, and they both fell like their strong, its not worth it." She says in a serious tone. At this moment, Raiden is looking at Brook with a very serious look, and Kiriko and Joshin are looking at each other like they wanted to fight at that moment.

While Brook was confident that she could take them but knew Kiriko had a point, if she got into a fight with them and the whole village came down on her, she would lose fast and likely take Kiriko down with her, even at her level of anger that was not something she desired to do so she turned towards the direction of the hotel and stomped away.

Kiriko follows then says, "Brook I know what you were thinking, but I think I have heard of them two, if I'm not for sure they are the ones that took out a group of about 150 mercenary ninja by them selves. For any Jonin, taking out just 20 mercenaries is pretty tough I don't think we want to fight. But back to the plan how will we set it up?"

Brook snorts and says "I bet their deeds have been greatly exagerated, those two fools are way to weak to take me on so there is no way they can take on 150 mercenary ninja by themselves. And before you say anything, know that you have not seen my full power, nobody has though Raikon has come close."

"Ehh maybe but I wouldn't underestimate them that much Joshin, I don't know, he feels like he is very strong. But anyway, we need to find Raiko to do this plan to get him back." Kiriko says as they walk to their room. Then Tetsu walks around the corner and asks, "Hey, have you two seen Raiko?" "Umm no Kiriko replies."

"Last I saw, he was in his room, we are actually headed to ours and his is right next to ours so you can walk with us if you would like, not very much father for us to walk."

"I just came from his room, he isn't there, is he training or something?" Tetsu says, "No not that I know of, we haven't talked since well yesterday." Then a Kumo ninja comes from the hall in a frantic and says, "Tetsu, Tetsu, (huff) (huff), there is a large area of land missing about 10 miles from Kumogakure, and get this, that whole area is almost the size of Kumo, what type of jutsu could do that?"

"Come on both of you, I don't know what it is but we might need your help." Tetsu says as he takes off.

A Disappearance

Kiriko and Brook follow Tetsu, managing to catch him with him in little time and falling to either side of him, thoughts of worry for Raiko going through her mind as they run.

When Tetsu tries to jump to another tree, he falls right into the huge crater that was created by that jutsu. "owww that king of hurt, HEY COME DOWN." Tetsu screams to Kiriko and Brook. Tetsu walks in the middle of the huge crater to find a Hidden Leaf headband there.

Brook jumped down into the crator, using chakra in her feet to soften the blow of the landing and then walked over to Tetsu, coming to his side and taking a look at the headband he was looking at but said nothing.

A flower sprouts up where Tetsu and Brook are with Kiriko inside, she walks to the headband and says, "T....This is Raiko's headband." Kiriko says in a very frantic and worried tone. "I know, (sigh) I have to tell you all something." Tetsu says, "The techniques that you have seen from Raiko so far are just his basic and regular techniques, the techniques he didn't want you 2 to know about were his Kinjutsu ones, he has something that he carries called a Space-Time Sword and Space-Time Scroll. I'm sure you two have seen it buy you thought nothing of it. But the techniques in that scroll, are able to wipe out an entire village if he wanted to. My suspicion is that, he was testing out another technique, and maybe this time, it was too unstable."

Kiriko then starts crying.

Brook walks to Kiriko's side and put a conforting arm around her, not really knowing what to say and regretting the last thing they said to him when they saw him last put one thing was clear, Kiriko needs her help to get over it and move on as they have no idea what has happened to him or when if he is ever coming back.

Then Kiriko says, "I loved him, and never got to tell him how I feel about him." Tetsu then says, "If I know Raiko, I don't think he is dead, that man knows how to pull stuff out of his ass." Then a Kumo ninja comes and says, "Tetsu, the mercenary group plans to attack Kumo in the next 3 days."

Thinking fast, Brook said "from what side and how big of a group?" As she waits for the response, Brook thinks about everything she could possible do to defend the village with her abilities.

"Its the whole crew about 200 to 500 of them." Tetsu then says, "We should plan to take them out now. I have this other person I think that could be a big big help.

Not wanting to expose most of her power for a group of mercenaries, she decided that it would be best to let Kumogakure do a large portion of the work and she acts as backup. "Alright, lead the way."

"I'm going to stay here and investigate the disappearance of Raiko, you all should be fine without me." Kiriko says, looking down at the ground. She puts Raiko's headband in the pouch, and starts looking around.

Surprised, Brook looked at Kiriko with wide eyes then, in fear of Kiriko running off on her own in this time of crisis, she moved forward and grabbed Kiriko's arm then said "You shouldn't be here on your own, it's too dangerous as this is not your land and we are going to be under attack soon, we can look for him after."

"But, if it was you missing, Raiko would look for you non stop until he found you." Kiriko says. "Your right, but Raiko would also want us to protect the things in the village, like the children and elderly." Tetsu says. Kiriko pauses for a minute and says, "Your right, so until he comes back, I will get stronger."

Brook smiled and let go of Kiriko then held out her hand to Kiriko as she turned half way in the opposite direction she was facing and said "Come, I have a few techniques to teach you since you have Yin-Yang Release like I do, they can significantly increase your prowess in battle as well as do many other supplimental things."

"Ok, thank you Brook. I would teach you some of mine, but well you don't have earth or water release so I can't. At the same time, I will make my own new techniques." Kiriko says.

Smiling Brook simply nodded and kept her hand outreached, waiting for Kiriko to take it so the two can follow Tetsu to his friend but while waiting, Brook couldn't help think again how much Kiriko has changed since they first met, going from the timid girl she was annoyed with to this more confident girl who was willing to fight for those who needed her. 

Kiriko takes Brook's hand and they go follow Tetsu. But still in the back of her head she thinks about Raiko, "Raiko, what happened to you I hope your not dead. But I will do whats right, and help those that need help and protect others who need me." Kiriko picks her head up and they proceed to Kumogakure.

Tetsu's Friend

Still following Tetsu Brook asked "So, how do you know this friend and why are you so sure he can help us?"

"Hmm, Oh well Friend is an understatement, he is my best friend, we have known each other since we were about 7 or 8. He is very powerful and will be very helpful to this mission." Tetsu Says.

They slowed down as they approached the building where Tetsu's friend was in and stopped at the door. Brook said nothing, waiting for Tetsu to go first as he would be the best one to initiate contact.

Tetsu knocks on the door and a man with black and white brads came and answered, he then says, "Tetsu, hey man how is it going." The man says. "Oh nothing, hey man we need your help with those bandits we are having trouble with." Tetsu says straight up. "Really, It is your mission, and I thought you had some people already, what happened?" Tetsu then explains to the man and the man says, "Oh I see, well I will help." he then closes the door and five minutes later he comes back out and says to Kiriko and Brook, "Hello, I am Kaizen." Brook gives a polite smile and says "Hello", introducing herself as Brook but saying nothing more as she wished to keep her information as private as possible like she has since leaving her village.

"Hello." Kiriko says. Then they all head back to a place where they come up with a plan, the people present there were Brook, Kiriko, Kaizen, Tetsu, Joshin, and Raiden. Tetsu then says, "I will be the leader of this attack, all of you have been picked because of you unique talent, now the group of mercenaries are very well trained ninja, which mean if we attack their hideout, that there will be traps. Raiden, you will be the over head view for the traps, Joshin with your Titanium Sand, I want you to disable the traps. Then there comes the wall, Brook, if you have something that can bust the wall down then do it, as we enter, Kiriko, use your Sprout Release to cover the field in brush to confuse the enemies."

Grinning, Brook replied "Well, I got three ways to break the wall down, one is I use a technique myself, two use a clone or clones to break down the wall with a technique to keep myself out of view or three, summon some friends of mine to break down the wall and act as a distraction."

"Yeah summon those friends of yours, then when they get inside, me and Kaizen will sweep out as many as we can, then when you guys are ready, come and help us." Tetsu says.

Grinning, Brook nodded at Tetsu but said nothing, instead running through what way would be the funest to have her friends beak down the wall and cause a distraction.

"This plan will go into effect at about 5 o'clock this morning, so until then I will treat you all to some dinner, how is that." Tetsu says, Raiden then says, "As long as I don't sit next to Brook I am fine with it."

Still grinning Brook says "Well, I'll sit next to Kiriko but I don't care where the rest of you sit as long a you don't bug me."

Then Kaizen says, "So your Kiriko and your Brook? I have heard a lot about you two, its kind of a honor to have you two here."

Brook gave a smile and a nod, saying nothing more than "Thank you" as she sizes up the newcomer, trying to figure out if he would really be of any use.

"Oh why thank you, I didn't know you knew so much about us." Kiriko says. Tetsu then treats them to dinner and then they go to their hotels and go to sleep for the remainder of the night until the assault. "Kiriko thinks about Raiko all night."

Tetsu comes and knocks on the girls door at about 4:00, "Hey, its time."

Having been use to getting up at the crack of dawn every day after running away from Iwagakure, Brook had little trouble getting up so she went over to Kiriko and shaking her gently awake to make sure she get's up and not waiting for Kiriko to get up, she went a took a shower, laying out her clothes before getting in.

Kiriko wakes up and goes into the bathroom while Brook was in there, "Sorry Brook but we need to hurry up the earlier the better, we are both girls so it doesn't matter." Kiriko says as she starts brushing her teeth.

Brook continues to shower, not caring that Kiriko is in there. Shortly after Kiriko comes in, she starts brushing her teeth, thinking about the day ahead while trying not to remember what happened to Raiko.

Kiriko brushes her teeth, then leaves the bathroom to get her cloths ready. Once ready, she goes back into the bathroom with her cloths off waiting for Brook to get out.

While Kiriko did her stuff, Brook had moved on to washing her hair and was about halfway through when Kiriko came back in but Brook was too busy to notice.

"Umm Brook, are you almost done, umm I'm sitting out here butt naked and its cold, I would like a warm shower." Kiriko says chuckling.

Brook didn't hear her over the sound of the water and the noise from the washing her hair but what Kiriko didn't know is Brook was nearly finished, washing the remainder of the shampoo out of her hair.

"(sigh)." Kiriko knocks on the shower curtain to alert Brook to hurry up. Then she looks in the mirror and notices the Flying Thunder God Technique formula on her back and starts to think about Raiko.

The sort of knock on the shower curtain got Brook's attention and made her realize she was taking too long so she sped things up without leaving any shampoo in her hair and turned the water off.

When the water went off, Kiriko went over to the side of the shower and waited for Brook to come out however Brook wasn't paying attention and so she didn't know Kiriko was in front of her so as she got out of the shower while not being very careful, she slipped and fell ontop of Kiriko, their faces hovering an inch from each other.

"Owww that hurt. Wow Brook, your chest was bigger than I thought, you could really get a guy you age. Well I'm getting into the shower be out in a bit." Kiriko pushes Brook off of her, gets up and gets ready to hop into the shower.

Red in the face from embarrasement, Brook get's up and turns to Kiriko as Kiriko talks however, her balance wasn't too good as she sprained her ankle in the fall and as she was getting up, she falls forward towards Kiriko, embarrassed that shes falling on Kiriko for the second time in five minutes.

They fall into the shower and Kiriko says, "Brook, how could you fall on me again, owww."

Red faced from embarrasement, Brook said "Sorry Kiriko, I think I might of twisted my ankle, I'll get up and try to make my way to the toilent so I can sit on it and you can take a look. As she finishes saying that, Brook get's back up and falls forward again because of her ankle however, Brook was prepared and used her arms to stop the fall midway, using Kiriko's back as the thing she was pushing against.

Standing erect, Brook turns around and hobbles to the toilet and sits down on it's lid facing forward with the seat and waits for Kiriko.

Kiriko takes a look at her ankle and then says, "Its sprained, nothing I can't fix." Then leaves gather around her ankle and foot and heal it. "There it should be all better now she says smiling."

Brook smiles at Kiriko and says "Thanks" and leaves the bathroom for the bedroom and start's to get dressed, still embarrassed about the whole thing. 

It takes about 10 minutes for Kiriko to take her shower, she leaves the shower and puts on her cloths and they both leave the hotel room. They meet up with Tetsu and Kaizen. "Are you 2 ready?" Tetsu asked. "Yes, what about Joshin and Raiden?" Kiriko asks. "I just woke them up." Kaizen says. Kaizen goes to their room and sees that they were still sleeping. "YOU DUMBASSES WAKE UP!!!" Kaizen screams. They don't respond. Then Kaizen says, "Time for the IRON CLAW!!!" Kaizen walks to their head and puts his hand on their head and squeezes them hard to wake them up.

"ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH." Joshin and Raiden says. They wake up and take less then 5 minutes to get ready.

Smiling, Brook said "Well you sure know how to motivate them. Anyways, I guess we are all assembled so we better get going now."

"Ok your right. Well, lets go." Tetsu says

The Battle

As they leave Kumo and head for the mercenary camp Kaizen asks "So are you all ready?" Kaizen asks

"I'm ready, just got to summon my friends when we get there as bringing them with us as we travel is a very bad idea due to their size and how much noise they make." Brook said.

Then Joshin says in his head, "What are they, Monkeys or something, I doubt those things can do that much, I don't know why Kaizen and Tetsu sensei want this girl to be apart of this operation." Then Kiriko says, "As soon as we get done with this, we go and investigate what happened to Raiko right?"

A wicked grin came over Brook face and she said "If I don't decide to knock some sense into Joshin first, literally."

She laughed and added as she kept walking "You will soon see why I said I have to wait to summon them, then you will not question having me around again."

"We are about 500 meter away, everyone....... Scatter!!!!" Tetsu says, and every one does into their intended place.

In position, Brook waits for the signal to begin her part of the plan so she checks her gear to make sure everything is in order and examins the wall and watches the guards closely, memorizing everything she sees as she prepares for her assualt.

Then Raiden relays the traps to Joshin, and Joshin does like he was told and takes out the traps all 50 of them. Then Raiden gives the signal which was a simple flare.

Noticing the signal, Brook smiled as it fades out then turned her attention back to the walls and bit her thumb, using the Summoning Technique to summon her friends, the Gigantos Ants who are essentially normal ants but the smallest are the size of houses.

Brook relayed instructions to her friends and the Gigantos Ants charged the wall, taking a large volley of attacks by the defenders while throwing back acid attacks and trying to dodge as many of the attacks from the defenders as possible.

Then Joshin says, "Ahhhh, What the hell are those, ants??" Then Tetsu says, "Kiriko Now!" Kiriko then uses Sprout Release: Growing Field to make the whole field sprout grass, while at the same time she uses Sprout Release: Double-Edged Piercing Grass to cut and kill some of them. Then Tetsu says, "Lets go Kaizen."

The 2 then rush in and use Black Lightning to kill multiple enemies, "You all can come in now." Tetsu says.

By the time Tetsu said that, Brook's Gigantos Ants friends had already broken down the wall and killed the sentries with no casualties but sustaining some minor injuries. Getting close to the Ants, she gave them new instructions and they went off to destroy another wall, killing mercenaries that got in the way of their path.

Then a group of about 20 ninja use a collaborative technique. 10 of them use Water Release: Water Encampment Wall, while the other 10 use Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration and aim it at Brook, Tetsu, Kaizen, and Kiriko.

When the enemy ninja appeared and started their collaboration technique, Brook made five clones and had three of them grab her teammates, putting them down saftely in a tree outside the camp and out of the way of the techniques while Brook made her way out by herself, leaving one clone behind to somewhat buffer the attack and the last disappeared out of view. The clone that stayed behind to protect Brook was destroyed and Brook managed to make it saftly up a tree in time.

Brook then took out five kunai and imbueing her shuriken with chakra then waited until either the enemy made a move or she was signaled to do something, staring with a cold gaze at her enemies.

A mercenary then get's behind Brook and uses Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder but Raiden comes from above and uses Wind Release: Vacuum Wave to cancel out the technique and kill the mercenary. As they were dealing with that on mercenary, fifty more came out of the camp and surrounded Raiden an Brook but Kaizen used his Lightning Release Armour and attacked the mercenaries, killing every one of them.

More mercenaries charged at them from their camp, the intent to kill clear in their eyes but before they could get close or the others on her team could react, Brook threw her preprepared shuriken at the enemy, unleashing the technique they carried onto their enemies. Although the wounds were minor at best, Brook smiled and said "Who wishes to finish them off, they are rather easy to beat now so don't worry about it."

Then about 15 ninja come up from above and try to strike down on Raiden, Brook, and Kaizen. Kiriko uses Sprout Release: Ripping Vines and Joshin uses his Titanium Sand and they both kill the attacking ninja above. Joshin, Kiriko and Tetsu then join up with Brook, Kaizen, and Raiden; then about 450 mercenaries surround them.

"Well now, seems like the rest of them have come out, and they have come out in big numbers I see." Tetsu says. "How many are there?" Kiriko asks. "Abouttttt 450 of them." Tetsu responds. "Well I say BRING IT ON!!!" Kaizen says as he powers up his Lightning Release Armour to the max. "Yeah, lets have some fun." Joshin says as he releases his 7 swords. "Man, this was like the time we had to take out that group of 100 ninja huh Joshin." Raiden says as he pulls out a scythe and floats on wind.

"Well, I guess we have to show out now huh Brook" Kiriko says as she uses Sprout Release: Leaf Dance and gathers thousands of leafs above her. "I will become stronger for you Raiko. This is my first time gathering this many leaves so please, just need a little bit of strength" Kiriko says in her head. Tetsu then bites his thumb and summons 2 moles, "Samon, Ramon have yourself some fun." Tetsu says as he pulls out his sword.

Figuring she was not needed for this fight, Brook decided to hang back and watch, retreating several meters and using the summoning technique to bring the friends she summoned earlier back to her and had them surround her, ready to either charge at the enemy on her command or stay close and protect her from attack.

"Everyone, lets go." Tetsu says. Kaizen charges off using his Armour and takes out a bunch of mercenaries, Tetsu's summons burrow under ground and start to attack from underground taking out many mercenaries. The mercenaries put in some resistance, but they are overwhelmed by the power of the 5 ninja. Kiriko slices up many of them with her leaves, while Joshin and Raiden take out about 100 of them by their selves. After 7 minutes, the enemies numbers dwindled down to about 100 left. "Brook, I think we should let you handle the last 100 of them." Tetsu says.

Brook came forward to where the others were and stood beside Kiriko, eyeing the mercenaries for a few minutes then gave a smile and said "You sure about that? What I have in mind is cruel, unusual and may be scary for the more squimish of our group if you understand my meaning but I'll take care of them if you really want me to just don't expect it to be pretty." Her smile became a evil grin at the last word.

Then 3 kids come from the 100 ninja charging at the 6 ninja. "Their just kids." Kiriko says, "We can't just kill them, we have to do something about them." She goes on to say. "Maybe, its up to Brook." Tetsu says.

Sighing, Brook revealed one of her most unusual skills, the ability to communicate with the her Gigantos Ants friends with a series of clicks, relying orders that few others would be able to understand until under way. One Ant got in the way of the children and slowed them down while the rest surrounded the remaining mercenaries and used their acid attack, hitting only due to backsplash several times but eventually hitting them directly and watched them melt.

Watching closely to what her friends did, she knew when the adult enemies had been dealt with and sent her Gigantos Ants friends to scope out the area for more mercenaries then went and stood infront of the children, staring at them unblinking and with her hands on her hips.

They look at Brook in a terrified look then one says, "Please don't hurt us, we were just doing this because they told us too." The kid says. "Tetsu then goes up to Brook and says, "Lets take them, I will become their sensei or if you want to you can." Tetsu says.

Shaking her head Brook Said "You have too many students already and a few of them need better instruction and you know why I say that besides, I don't believe these children are all what they appear to be so we should watch our step or we will end up dead somewhere."

"Ehh, my student are fine, they are just like that, I tried to break them out of that, but I guess I can't. But I will take these kids under my wing, they won't hurt us" Tetsu says as he appears behind them and knocks them out.

Annoyed Brook said "We will talk about this back in Kumogakure but these kids must be tied up, we know nothing about them and they could be highly skilled shinobi for all we know, waiting for us to lower our guard before they kill us."

"Ok we will tie them up." Raiden then gives ropes to Tetsu for him to tie the kids up.

A New Journey Begins

Back in Kumogakure, the team and their prisioners continued to talk about the future of the kids.

"Until you can curb your students more than you have, your not even eligable for another student Tetsu, let alone six and I don't think they will be safe with me for reasons you already know besides, me and Kiriko are going to be traveling a lot in search for Raiko and eight people is too big of a group not to mention we have no idea if they would actually be able to hold their own in a fight or if they won't betray us."

"Look, when you have students you will understand what me and all the other senseis have to go through., and there is no one else who will take these kids, so I will." Tetsu says. Then right at that moment Aiko, another one of Tetsu students comes and say, "Hey Tetsu sensei, Joshin, Raiden, Kaizen sensei, I just got back from my mission." She sees Brook and Kiriko and says, "Oh, hello, I haven't seen you two around here, Hi I am Aiko."

Annoyance for Tetsu obvious on her face she greeted Aiko with a nod and turned back to Tetsu saying "By how Joshin and Raiden act, your obviously a very horrible sensei if you can't figure out someway to being the idiots they are, if I let you have these kids as your students then they will likely become just like those two and that is not an option."

"Idiots, Ha! that is an understatement, they are more like retards, or morons, or jackasses, or well, they are just complete dumb asses, but I will take those kids if you want me to." "JACKASSES!" Joshin and Raiden Scream. "At least I'm not a helfer like you Aiko." Joshin says. "Or a complete Bit...." Before Raiden could say it, Aiko punches Joshin and Raiden sending them flying into a fence. "They need a little disciple ever one in a while." Aiko says smiling.

Then Tetsu says, "If I was a horrible sensei then they would be dead or rogue ninjas, I can't change someones personality, but I did change what they think of their comrades, when they were just starting, psst, they would of killed each other if they had the chance, but now they are like siblings. They will die for one another, and for the people of this village, and thats what I imprinted them."

"Do you even realize what you said you old geezer?" she said smiling at what just happened to Joshin and Raiden.

"Changing what they think of their comrades changes their personality because that is part of their personality and if anyone has the biggest influence on a person's personality, that would be their sensei but if they keep on the road they are on, they will be dead."

"The road that I have kept them on has kept them alive, so who are you to try and tell me that keeping them on this road is going to get them killed, I told you, I can't change someone's personality, they changes what they thought of their comrades because of my teachings and guidance, that is something about themselves that they changed, because they didn't have to listen to me." Tetsu says. "Shouldn't we be going to get our pay?" Kaizen says. "Yeah I think we get a cut too." Kiriko says.

Growing even more annoyed she replied to Tetsu "Idiot! because they followed your teaching and guidance, they grew to rely on comrades like they should, relying or not relying is a major part of a person's personality and if that changes that means their personality changes too! You helped them change their personality though it was mostly them that did the work, you had a big part in that!"

Shaking her head she said to herself outloud "How can you be so old but so dumb that you don't even know that, I am 14 and know that." Brook Sighed and said nothing more.

"Do you two realize that your arguing over something that is not that relevant, Brook, you really shouldn't let your anger get the best of you like that. Also Brook, you really have no control what Kumo does with these children, so you shouldn't be telling Tetsu that he shouldn't take the kids, nor tell him that he is a bad sensei, that is insulting, his students are alive and seem to be alright, its just how they are, but Tetsu why would you even begin to argue with a 14 year old? Look lets just go and get our money." Kiriko says

Further annoyed, Brook replies "Just stay out of this Kiriko, you really don't get how the whole sensei thing works and I don't want to explain it to you, especially since you should already know and it would just be wasting my time. Anyways, they are alive but they still don't have any manners, their sensei is suppose to teach them that but hes not doing a good job."

"I haven't been a Sensei and neither have you Brook, you have never been a sensei, so you don't know how it is and that's why you shouldn't be telling Tetsu what he is bad at. And Brook, your kind of bad at manners as well, so just both of yall be quiet before I make yall." Kiriko says.

"Your right, I haven't been a sensei but I have had more than a dozen who failed and were assigned to another or a group and I have overheard sensei's talking many times so I know a bit about it. Besides, you can't make me do anything, you haven't even seen my true power yet, only Raiko has seen most of it."

"Brook, stop being so arrogant please, I wasn't really going to do anything, I am to nice, now come on lets go get our pay." Kiriko says. "I wonder what Raiko would have did in this situation." Kiriko says to herself.

With a Hmph she leaves to collect her pay for helping defend the village but was still angry so she didn't really say anything on the way there.

"Brook please don't stay mad at me because we are going to be traveling together, and we can't have any dysfunctions with each other. Ok?" Kiriko says.

Sighing Brook said "It's not you, I'm use to you but it's Tetsu I am finding to be the problem and those two students of his, you know they won't leave us alone right?"

"Awww, hush, why would we need to bother you, I will take some of the things in consideration. And just remember I am 32, im not an old geezer." Tetsu says as him Kaizen, Joshin, Raiden, and Aiko catch up to them. "Yeah, and if you need help with anything then just come to us we will gladly help, unless its like a tailed beast or something." Raiden says. "Aww stop being a bitch like you always say." Aiko says. "Yeah we consider you comrades now since you helped us." Joshin says. "And your both welcomed back to Kumo at any time." Kaizen says.

Brook smiled and thanks the Kumogakue ninja for their kind words, disolving her anger at Tetsu as she remembered the kindness of Raiko which in turn made her grow sad a little but she didn't show it on her face or with her body language, not wanting to ruin the moment. As they stopped and collected their pay, it triggered the memory of their little fight with Raiko about over spending and as she put the money away, she sighed and turned to leave, forgetting she was suppose to leave with Kiriko.

"Hey Brook wait, your forgetting about me." Kiriko says smiling. "Well I guess this is goodbye." Tetsu say. "I wish that we could help you with finding Raiko, but we have another mission to attend to." Kaizen says. "But when you do find him, come on back so we can say "Hi." Tetsu says. "Sure, we will Kiriko says.

Turning, she smiled at the Kumogakure shinobi and nodded then turned back in the direction she is headed and started walking, losing herself to thoughts about the past and what the future may hold.


In another dimension, "Uhhh, wh.....what the hell happened." Raiko says. "(cough)"(cough)"(cough), (grunt) my ribs, owwww." "Stop talking, i just patched you up, you need to get more rest." A woman's voice says. "O............ok." Raiko says as he passes out.

Within a secret mountain lair deep in the heart of the Land of Iron, a man shrouded by the shadows sits in wait for his messanger to bring him news. Growing bored and impatient, the man started to figit but a minute later, the messanger appeared in front of the man. "Sir, the attack on the village has been thwarted by the Kumogakure shinobi with help of some traveling shinobi that were in the area, we don't know who they are though."

"What?! How could they have beaten an army of mercenaries that powerful and that large, it's impossible!" The man in the shadows said. "According to our spies, one of these travelers could summon giant insect creatures to do her bidding and the other had some sort of power over plants but nothing more is more."

The man pondered it for a moment then said "Scatter spies to every shinobi village, I want every bit of info we can get on these two and I want it as soon as possible."

"Yes sir" The messanger said and left to carry out his orders. As the messanger left, the man could be seen smiling from the shadows and said to nobody in particular "Whatever unique abilities they have don't compare to my own and I'll use them to squash those two like bugs."

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