The real freaking deal

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Arekkusu Here's the training hall and waits on his friend to come

Shinryū Hyūga walks in and says "Alright, nii-san. Let's see if my training payed off! You go first. I want to see how my defensive Taijutsu will turn out."

"Ok try this one for size" Arekkusu says then uses the handsigns for  Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Shinryu manages to dodge it, and he says "Woah, woah, nii-san! Don't start with High Ranked techniques, remember that I'm still a genin, and you're a jounin! Alright, my turn" He then charges forward and starts thrusting his palms and trying to hit 10 of his tenketsu.

Arekkusu slides back "You're a fast one" He says then charges at him then uses Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves

Shinryu knew that he didn't learn an effective Gentle Fist technique to parry the attack, so he tried to dodge it, and his foot got caught in the Jutsu. "Ouch... Now I know how strong a Jounin could be... But no matter, it's time we get serious!" He rushes towards Arekkusu with his damaged foot, so he wasn't very fast. "Eight Trigrams: Thirty-Two Palms!" He shouts, then he hits one of his tenketsu, and he shouts "One!", then he hits his tenketsu twice "Two!", the same, but four times. "Four!" He then hits eight of his tenketsu "Eight!" Then sixteen. "Sixteen!" and finally... "Thirty Two!"

"Ouch... You're a powerful guy" Arekkusu say then grab Shinryu and throw him in the sky then uses Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Shinryu thinks to himself "Darnit... If I get hit by the Great Fireball Technique, I won't be able to move... I need to parry it somehow..." He then forces chakra into his upper body, and Shinryu starts falling in a diving position, and seconds before impact with the Fireball, then he forces more chakra into his hands and parries the fireball, and rolls down upon landing to the ground. Shinryu, gasping for air says "C'mon nii-san... Let's see what... You can really do..."

"Ok if you say so" Arekkusu say then uses Lightning Release: Lightning Pin Missile.

Shinryu forces most of his chakra into one of his palms and tries to parry it again, though he didn't fully parry it, and it damaged his right arm. He then thinks "Darnit, not only my left leg, but also my right arm now, too..."

"You're too badly hurt let's call it a night" Arekkusu says as he walks and help up Shinryu.

"Thank you, nii-san..." Replied Shinryu.

"No problem nii-chan" Replies Arekkusu

Shinryu chuckles "Nii-san Sensei, you know how I don't like being that... But hey, I still am the younger brother of us two." Though he was still smiling as he said it. Then he remember something. "Oh, right. How are you liking Konoha so far?"

"It's ok I gues" Replies Arekkusu smileing with his eyes closed

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