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Titan Cursed Seal
Name Titan Cursed Seal
Kanji 巨人の呪印
Literal English Titan Cursed Seal
Range All Ranges
Type Kinjutsu, Juinjutsu
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Kaname


The Titan Cursed seal is a Juinjutsu that draws upon solar energy to transform the user into a Titan. To activate it, the user usually draws blood and focuses on a particular objective, and a blast of heat and smoke occurs as the Titan form materializes. There are sometimes where the user cannot turn into a Titan without a specific objective first. Whether in the Titan form or not, after their first activation of the seal, the user gains regenerative abilities. When in the Titan form, it is similar to the Strength of a Hundred Technique, allowing the Titan to near-instantly regenerate missing body parts, even its head and torso, accompanied by a cloud of steam. When in normal form, the regeneration is still substantial,  with severed hands and feet growing back in several hours. But those who have mastery of the Titan Seal can regenerate more quickly, by focusing their efforts on a specific point to the neglect of the rest of their body. Another thing about the Seal is that due to the fact it was developed by Noboru and not Orochimaru, the seal lacks Senjutsu, it uses solar energy to power itself.

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