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This technique or kekkei genkei, Time-Warping Blast Technique, requires anyone who wishes to use it to fill out an application and place it on the copyright holder's wall. The application form can be found at the bottom of the page.
Time-Warping Blast Technique
Name Time-Warping Blast Technique
Rank Above S-Rank
Range Any
Type Unknown
Chakra Nature Lightning Release
Parent jutsu Sage Mode
Sage Art: Natural Energy Reserve Technique


The user needs a few requirements first to even pull of this technique. First, the user needs to be in Sage Mode. Second, the user needs to have a full Reserve of Natural Energy using Sage Art: Natural Energy Reserve Technique. Third, the user needs to have the Sharingan activated. And finaly, the user needs to have a Chidori in their hand.

Once the user has all of those doen, they can focus all the Natural Energy and Chakra into the Chidori. The Chidori will become vilonet and start to sound like thunder instead of birds chirping. The Chidori may cause a slight rainshower due to the heat givin off by the Chidori its self. Once the user has balanced out the chakra the Chidori will settle down. The technique will now look like a butifull white light that will be calm.

The user then sticks there hand out

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