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Miki Kemono was in the moutains creating new techniques for her clan. "Are you doing alright?" Ryuu , her Chakra Beast, asked her. "Perfect." Miki Responded.

Moyasu was just walking along in the sun when he decides to use the Heat Sensing Technique, and he senses someones temperature, so he goes to check it out.

By now Miki was making a summoning technique for her Chakra beast to be fully unleashed.

Moyasu climbs up the mountain where he felt the heat and finds this lady there training. He hops to where she was and asks, "Excuse me but who are you?"

Miki turns her head around. "Why are you up here?" she asked.

"Because I sensed you up here and I want to ask you something, do you wanna join my organization Tatakau?"

"What's that?" she asked as she turned her whole body around.

"A group made of rogue ninja, similar to the Akatsuki, you would be the first woman in the group." Moyasu says.

"Rouge ninja?" she asked. "I'm not rouge though. But this village has been doing somethings that they shouldn't be doing." she said. "How do I know that you guys are strong enough?" she asked.

"I could show you because, I am the leader of the group." Moyasu says.

She didn't react to what he said. "Are you challenging me?" she asked.

"Why yes I am Ms... um I didn't catch your name." Moyasu says.

"and I didn't catch yours." she pointed out rushing to him punching him in the stomach.

"I will tell you after I beat you, I would get your hand from my stomach if I were you." Moyasu says as he uses Solar Release: Solar Flame Armor heating up his body to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Noticing that he was getting hot she jumped back. "Kekkei Genkai I'm guessing." she said. She then makes a Tiger sign and a dragon made of fire came out of no where go right to Moyasu.

Moyasu just stands there and takes the fire which heats his body up more, "Fire Release technique don't work on me really sorry to tell you." Then small flame balls gather around him and then start to shoot at Miki.

Miki used Earth Release: Pillar Assault Technique and destroyed the fire with the pillars. The pillars then surround him and all go in.

Moyasu uses Solar Release: Purple Flame Ball and bust right through the pillars away from the 2. Moyasu then comes out and says, "Try again."

Miki yawns. "I guess I could try again." she then uses Earth Release: Pillar Assault Technique having pillars come from evry direction.

Moyasu then uses Solar Release: Solar Rings cutting through all of the pillars, then he uses Solar Release: Sun Gaze to blind Miki.

Miki covers her eyes. She let out a big sigh. "Why are we fightning again?" she asked.

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