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Thunder Release: Rows of Thunder
Rows of Thunder
Name Thunder Release: Rows of Thunder
Literal English Thunder Style: Lightning Stream
Rank B
Hand Seals Dragon, Monkey, Bird, Tiger
Range Mid-to-Long
Type Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Classification Nature Icon Thunder Thunder Release

Yellow Lightning Yellow Lightning

Chakra Nature Nature Icon Thunder Thunder Release
User(s) Haruki Jiro

Thunder Release: Rows of Thunder is a lighting Jutsu. After performing the neccessary hand-seals, one can imbue lightning-natured chakra with that of thunder-natured chakra. Such energy alters the lightning's potential and color, turning it into that of a yellow color. This technique requires steady chakra control. People like Haruki Jiro (in Part I), have trouble with this technique due to the amount of chakra-control it takes. Due to this, he can only bring fourth 2-3 streams of lightning.  

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