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Kenza Family
Name Kenza Family
Members Hiroshi Kenza
Kekkei Genkai Shigan
Jutsu Flying Fist Style


The Kenza Family is just a singular group of family members. But it wasn't known untill Hiroshi Kenza was givin his Dojutsu at a young age.

Hiroshi however didn't realized that his eye was fused with his genetics. That Dojutsu would be the Shigan.


The Kenza family have a few speciaties that are most likely givin at birth.


Members of the family always have the posibility to gain the Shigan.

How to UnlockEdit

There is no real way to unlock this. It just happens when the user is mature enough for the Dojutsu to be activated.


The family has been known to have above average chakra for their age.

Chakra ControlEdit

They also have great Chakra Control, and no one is quite sure why this is.


This one is a little weird. All members have Lightning Release.

Any other nature is the creators own chioce.

NOTE: Lightning Release will be their first nature no matter what.

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