Kenshi Uchiha had been on the run since age, 6 and since than had gotten use to the questions, of Where's your parents. He responded by knocking them unconscious, at least half the time. I should go find an occupation right now. Kenshi ran through the woods and stopped by a interesting site. A old couple sat at on a log and drunk tea and had a huge bag of ryo, right next to them. He moved steathly and ducked behind the largest tree. He looked around the area clearing it quickly. He jumped into the air and landed in front of the feebly old man. He reached for the ryo but heard the whistle and knew the kunai was coming, he quickly stepped back and saw a ANBU of Takagakure. He estimated 3 since, they were highly trained and he was genin in experience. " You attempt to kill me because of me being an Uchiha, rather pathetic " , A unseen flame gleamed in his eyes and he moved quickly. The first ANBU ninja tossed a huge wave of water and Kenshi knew dodging it would be tough. Kenshi transformed into a branch and appeared behind the ninja. " Move and I'll kim him " , Kenshi was bluffing but did they know that.

" Why should we care about him, if he was defeated by some kid. " , The oldest ninja smirked and than steadily moved toward Kenshi. His partner struggled under Kenshi's grip which was solid and firm. Kenshi pulled out his long black steel, ninjato and pierced his captive in the chest killing him. " Ruthless has no place in my life but defense is needed " , He stepped back and watched as his victim breathed his final breath. " I'll kill you idiotic Uchiha bastard " , The ANBU ran recklessly to the well focused Uchiha. A move that, Kenshi didn't expect. The ANBU man pulled out a sword and stabbed, Kenshi into the shoulder.. Kenshi cried out and blood poured from his shoulder. Not severe but he needed to get out of their. 

He moved his hands in various seals and chanted loudly. " Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique " , A medium wave of flames are blazed and the guards are temporarily distracted. Kenshi disappears and goes back into hiding, along with the money.

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