Sage of the Six Paths - Known as the wiki's founder, the Sage of the Six Paths is someone who originally held godlike control over the wiki but has since relinquished that absolute control in favor of a more democratic system. The founder now serves as one of the three on the Council of Sages.

Sage of Three Paths - Also known as a bureaucrat, this is a rank that is held by two people and two people alone  who are both members of the Council of Sages. The name is derived from the desire to have sage in the name and how the Sage of the Six Paths in canon split his power between his two sons, essentially giving them power over three of the six paths.

Kage -  The Kage is a rank fans of the series would know comes from the five Kage of the series and is an admin rank. There are five kage titles, one for each of the canon titles e.g Hokage, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage and Kazekage. Each of the five Kage hold control over one or more areas of power in the wiki however, these are exclusive to them and can only be given to another Kage temporarily in the event that one of the Kage's subordinates cannot fill the role while their leader is away or has been removed from office by vote of the Council of Sages.

Jonin Commander - An honorary rank given to someone by one of the kage who is essentially their right hand man/women. In other words, they are second in command of the area that their Kage rules and those that the admin has in their service.

Jonin - An honorary rank given to someone by one of the Kage who is essentially just a trusted veteran of that area that the Kage governs. While the duties of the Jonin is otherwise the same, they can also be given the task to be the supervisors of the Chunin and Genin however, it is not required.

Chunin - An honorary rank that is given to someone who has gained some experience as a member of the staff under a particular Kage however, it holds no additional influence.

Genin - A staff member that has been newly employed in the service of a particular Kage though this does not make them any less capable of performing their duties than any other staff member, it smple means they don't have as much experience but shouldn't be underestimated in their ability to preform their duties. It can also be a diciplinary rank for experienced staff members who break the rules multiple times and the kage doesn't want to simple remove them from the staff.

The Councils

The Council of Sages

The Five Kage Summit

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