Note: This page needs to be reorganized later in order of importance.

Bureaucrat Level

  1. Finish the User Ranks Policy.
  2. Bring the Manual of Style up to date. (Remember to add the categories policy to it)
  3. Bring the Image Policy up to date.
  4. Bring the Redirects Policy up to date.
  5. Merge the Content Policy with the Manual of Style.
  6. Revamp the Countries Policy.
  7. Decide the fate of the Hidden Thief Policy.
  8. Revamp the Jinchuriki Policy.
  9. Revamp the Mixed Clans Policy to include policies regarding all clans as well and their Kekkei Genkai.
  10. Bring the Natures Policy up to date.
  11. Check to see if the Rinnegan Policy needs updating.
  12. Update the Restricted Techniques Policy.
  13. Check to see if the Sage Mode Policy needs updating.
  14. Create a policy for the Seven Swordsmen of te Mist.
  15. Remember to merge the Uchiha Policy with the revamp of the Mixed Clans Policy.
  16. Bring the Cannon Characters Policy up to date.

Admin Level

  1. Work on the Roleplaying Logbook.
  2. Put up SoundCloud to replace the Youtube Player.
  3. Check for and delete broken redirects.
  4. Check for and delete double redirects.
  5. Add pages for canon techniques with a heading for development by fanon characters.
  6. Create a template for organizations such as ANBU Blackops or the Akatsuki.

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