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Tenrai Clan
Name Tenrai Clan
Kanji 冥冥
Rōmaji Tenrai Ichizoku
Literal English Divine Clan
Other Name(s) Chakra God's Clan
Members Unknown
Affiliation [1]
Kekkei Genkai Tenmagan
Jutsu Tenma Slowing Time Technique
Tenma Speeding Time Technique
Tenma Clad Armor Technique

The Tenrai Clan is a clan from deep space that came to Earth just after the Ōtsutsuki Clan did just outside the Land of Lightning. The clan is lead by the Tenrai Clan Elder.

History Edit

The Tenrai Clan members have been around since the birth of the Sage of Six Paths. They moved to Kumogakure after the destruction of the of the Tenrai Clan village. The Tenrai Clan elder had relationships with the Hagoromo Clan and Uchiha Clan members, but were not involved in the war between them.