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Name Tenmagan
Rōmaji Tenmagan
Literal English Demon's Eye
Other Name(s) Demon's Dōjutsu
Clan Tenrai Clan
Techniques Tenma Slowing Time Technique
Tenma Speeding Time Technique
Tenma Clad Armor Technique

The Tenmagan is a powerful Dojutsu which can slow and fasten time. By using this ability, it takes a toll on the users, unless they had strong chakra control and immense chakra. The Tenrai Can Elder was the strongest user of the Tenmagan, as shown when he nearly wiped out most of the Otsutsuki and Kaguya Clan's main branches. This took a toll on his chakra, but he recovered quite fast. The slowing and fastening time is in one of the eye. Usually, the fastening ability is in the right eye and the slowing ability in the left. Then, there's the Tenma Clad Armor Technique which, like the Susanoo, covers the user's body exactly, except it has more of an Egyptian god look, with the head being that of an animal, the rest of the body being a humanoid, it also has angel wings, unlike the Complete Body - Susanoo. The only known users of the Tenma Clad Armor technique are the Tenrai Clan Elder and his deceased father.

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