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Tenkai Kaguya
Name Tenkai Kaguya
Kanji 天海輝夜
Personal Status
Birthdate October 12
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Weight 155 lbs
Hometown B
Home Country None
Clan Kaguya Clan
Family Tenko(brother), Daisuke(Brother), Kazuki(brother)
Kekkei Genkai Shikotsumyaku
Nature Type Lightning Release
Jutsu Dance of the Camellia
Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Dance of the Clematis: Vine
Dance of the Larch
Dance of the Seedling Fern
Dance of the Willow
Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
Complete Bone Covering
Skeleton Clone
Skeleton Golem
Weapons Bones, Katana


Tenkai was the first born out of 4 brothers, he is the oldest and is one of the 2 with a Kekkei Genkai. Being the oldest, he had to protect his brothers, and they looked up to him. Then when he was about 12, his mom and dad died, and they were left alone.


Tenkai is a pretty tall person standing 6'4, he has white hair and his right eye is red while his left is purple. He wears a head band that is blue around the forehead and white from the ear on. Then he wears this purple, white, and blue kimono that just about covers his whole body.


He is a very discipline person, he spent a lot of time with samurai, him and his brothers, and thats where they get this discipline from. Then he does like to fight to the death, he also likes Kenjutsu fights.



He has the kekkei genkai Shikotsumyaku, he was born with it and has better manipulation over it than Kimimaro, he is able to do Dance of the Seedling Fern without using extra power like Kimimaro.


He has exceptional taijutsu skill, he uses his taijutsu, kekkei genkai and kenjutsu together to make a deadly combo. He has pretty good reflexes being a samurai, he has to have good reflexes to block certain attacks.


He has very good Kenjutsu skill, he can take on multiple samurai alone and not have trouble beating them. He only carries one sword, but is skilled with it being able to beat his brother Tenko, and Daisuke who wield two swords.

Nature TransformationsEdit

His only nature is Lightning Release, but since it is his only nature, he is very skilled with it, he knows how to mix lightning in with his Shikotsumyaku to apply even more deadly effect.

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