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Team Kenta
Name Team Kenta
Kanji 健太班
Rōmaji Kenta-han
Team Information
Leaders Kenta - Leader
Shimo Yuki - Member
Miya Sarutobi - Member; Substitute Leader
Honōrō - Member/Strategist
Affiliations Konohagakure SymbolKonohagakure

Team Kenta is a team led by Kenta, consisting of him and his chūnin disciples.


  • Kenta - born in the Akimichi clan, Kenta is the leader of the team and a former student of Sakura Haruno's and Rock Lee's students.
  • Shimo Yuki - an academy student from Kirigakure, who was transferred after being shunned for being born with the Ice Release kekkei genkai along with his deceased brother.
  • Miya Sarutobi - a kunoichi from the Sarutobi clan, Miya is one of the best students of Kenta's team, and the first of the three genin to be promoted to chūnin. She is also often placed in charge in the absence of Kenta.
  • Honōrō - a strong and talented shinobi who is skilled in many technique branches, as well as one of the main strategists for the team. He has a disease since childhood though, and Kenta must aid Honōrō if the disease were to kick in.


There are no official missions for Team Kenta as of yet.


  • The Sarutobi clan's tradition if a member of the Yamanaka, Nara or Akimichi clans is to be placed in a team, they will be appointed with a jōnin-sensei from the Sarutobi Clan; however, the roles on this Team are reversed, as Miya, a member of the Sarutobi clan, is being taught by an Akimichi clan member.
    • Miya also takes charge in missions in the absence of Kenta, making it even farther away from the latter fact.

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