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Team Gorou
Name Team Gorou
Team Information
Leaders Gorou
Affiliations Land of Wind
Puppet Brigade


Team Gorou is a squad within the Puppet Brigade consisting of one Human and up to ten puppets that pretend to be Human, even having a Human name and referring to them as such on missions and in public in order to fool enemies. While there is ten puppets that can be apart of the active team, no more than four are typically present except in special circumstances when four are not enough and in such cases, the enemy has never survived. Uniquely, the puppets of this team consist of different types not commonly seen. For example, the second in command, Aimi is a puppet master "herself" and often controls a number of the other puppets. Like her, the other puppets have specialties ranging from martial arts to poisoned weapons and so forth, working so well together that enemies have never learned of the team's true nature.


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