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Name Taryōgan
Kanji 念力
Rōmaji Nenriki
Literal English Telekinesis
Clan Kuran Clan

The Taryogan is a dojutsu that few members of the Kuran Clan possesses, hey unlock this dojutsu by a lot of stress, something like a near death situation. If the women have a child, they will most certainly awaken the dojutsu. If something were to happen to the eye, for example it gets taken out, the user can still use the ability, with their mind. Also, similar to the Rinnegan, the user cannot activate then deactivate the dojutsu, it stays active. Also some times, the eye will only be in one eye, and doesn't appear in the other eye of the user in some cases, but some have it in both eyes.


The ability that the eye gives them is telekinesis, they are able control things with their eyes or mind, they can move or stop anything with their mind. Depending on how large scale the technique, or thing they are moving, is how much strain they put on their brain, and chakra. If they were to do too much telekinesis, they will make their brain shutdown from all the stress.

Another ability is that they can set up fields, or barriers that can contain things. For example, and explosion, the user has to set up a field around the explosion and contain and compress it.

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