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Tamashī Clan
Name Tamashī Clan
Kanji 魂部族
Rōmaji Tamashī Buzoku
Literal English Soul Clan
Other Name(s) Spirt House
Members Akuma Tamashī
Affiliation Land of Lightning
Jutsu Devil Seal
Soul Extraction Technique
Instant Teleportation
Chakra Focus Point
Yin-Yang Release: Focus Beam Technique
Yin-Yang Genjutsu
Yin-Yang Genjutsu: Mind Soul Locking Technique


The Tamashī clan was formed about 50 years before the main series of Naruto started. The clan had lived in the Land of Lightning, hiding their true power. They never wanted to show their true abilities, hearing about the Yuki Clan was hunted down for their abilities. They had worked hard to develop these, risking their lives within secrecy.

A bit longer into their history, they had grown a forever friendship with the Naga Family. With this, they where able to freely show off their own abilities with no drawback of being hunted down. They had even helped within information gathering from dead Shinobi.





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