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Taiyō no Hitomi
Name Taiyō no Hitomi
Kanji 太陽の瞳
Rōmaji Taiyō no Hitomi
Literal English Eye of the Sun


The Taiyō no Hitomi is a dojutu of a generation 2 Solar Release user. The Taiyō no Hitomi is a purple eye with a red outline that look like fire is inside of the users eye when you look at the eye. The Taiyō no Hitomi only effects one eye, and when a Generation 2 Solar Release user is born with it, a seal comes with it, the seal restrains the power of the users Solar Release and keeps it at bay for 1 year, then when that year is up, on a certain day, the users seal releases and then their restraints are lifted. Then in that year the seal releases, the user can activate Taiyō no Hitomi only 15 times that whole year. If they activate it 15 times say in one day, then the seal covers their eye back up and they can't use the Taiyō no Hitomi for another whole year.


With the Taiyō no Hitomi, the users restraints on the Solar Release are lifted, which means that their techniques are more hotter, brighter, and manipulation of solar energy and heat are increased. The user then has access to an array of technique that can only be used with the Taiyō no Hitomi, these techniques cause more destruction then what the regular Solar Release technique does.

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