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Originally, there was only one cult which worshiped only the Ten Tails because it was the only tailed beast in existance thus, the only thing powerful enough to be considered a god. When the Sage of the Six Paths sealed the ten tails in himself, the cult was outraged and vowed to free their god from the evil that was controlling and suppressing the Ten Tails but as expected, they failed the first attempt but didn't give up, trying for several years until they were forced to give up and wait for the revival of their god. Rumors eventually circulated that the sage was dying, giving them hope for the return of their god but that hope didn't last for it was not long after that the sage created the Nine Tailed Beasts and banished the body of the Ten Tails to the moon. During the time which the sage gave chakra to man, it became a law of the cult that no member may possess chakra as they believed it belonged only to their god and the only way to possess something so sacred would be to be given it by their god. While no at the time which the law was passed had any interest in taking the chakra, the law became a problem for recruiting because most people were interested in the chakra though they could still get people here and there. Another law passed that members are required to kill those who possesses chakra however, this law was quickly overturned as the cult started to lose members to those with chakra. Once the law was overturned, it was decided that the only way to avenge the injustice to their god was to use the chakra they were against, overturning the rule that no member may have chakra. 


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