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Tailed Beast Style: Chakra Pool
Name Tailed Beast Style: Chakra Pool
Rank B
Hand Seals N/A
Range Self
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature N/A
Parent jutsu N/A
Derived jutsu Tailed Beast Style: Chakra Pool Overflow
Tailed Beast Style: Chakra Pool Feed


A technique that works differently depending if the user is a Pseudo Jinchuriki or an actual Jinchurki but has the same goal of creating an area within where Tailed Beast chakra is isolated from the person's normal chakra so it can't normally take control of the person and it can be dipped into by when the person desires and for Jinchuriki, without directly dealing with the Tailed Beast. When used by a Pseudo Jinchuriki, it simple creates a pool and the Pseudo Jinchuriki has to use their chakra to herd the Tailed Beast Chakra into that pool. However, when used by a Jinchuriki, the Jinchuriki has to create the pool to not only be isolated and deep so that the chakra trapped within can't get out but designed to allow the chakra of their Tailed Beast to go into the pool so that the pool is being filled without having to force it out of the Tailed Beast itself. The downside of this is that that the Tailed Beast chakra leaked is normally done consciously by the Tailed Beast and may cease once it learns of this pool however, advanced users can also make it so that Tailed Beast chakra is forcible taken from the Tailed Beast as their chakra is attracted to the pool. In both the case of a pseudo Jinchuriki and actual Jinchuriki however, if the pool overflows, it will eventually overwhelm and take them despite being isolated from the chakra network though that can be corrected or prevented by using this technique to change the size of the pool.

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