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Tailed Beast Shuriken
Name Tailed Beast Shuriken
Rank S
Hand Seals None
Range Long
Type Offensive
Classification Tailed Beast attack & Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature None
Parent jutsu Tailed Beast Ball
User(s) Unknown


Based off of RasenShuriken, this technique can only be used by a tailed beast or a Jinchuriki who has mastered their tailed beast. It looks basically like a Tailed Beast Ball surrounded by a shuriken though the effects are drastically different than that of the RasenShuriken. Normally, it is best for the user to cock their head towards the sky and create it there then release it as they drop their head to it's normal level, sending it flying at the enemy however, a skilled enough user can create it while their head is at it's normal angle by creating the shuriken sideways. The speed of the attack is equal to the tailed beast ball. Although the blades making contact will do nothing special, anyone unfortunate to find themselves directly above the shuriken will usually die. This is because the user can make it hover in place like the RasenShuriken for an area effect however, it creates a vortex when it hovers like that out of the same material which the shuriken is made out of. This vortex will tear apart anyone or anything that touches it, even a tailed beast due to what it is made out of and the high speed of the vortex. Of course, the vortex will only last for about ten seconds before it and the shuriken disappear.

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