Tadashii Kousei
Name Tadashii Kousei
Kanji 公正 正しい
Romanji Kousei Tadashii
Personal Status
Birthdate 11th October
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 178cm
Weight 75kg
Blood Type O
Home Country Land of Iron
Affiliation Land of Iron
Family N/A
Weapons Katana


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"It's really sad. Samurai these days depend on the shinobi and their ways. I plan to send the Land of Iron back to it's time of independance from the shinobi."
— Tadashii's Bushido

Tadashii Kousei is a hard-core idealist samurai from the Land of Iron who wishes to liquidate all non-samurai from his homeland and break their friendship with the ninja. Even though his goal would require violence, he has yet to draw his sword for his country.


Tadashī was a simple young boy from the Land of Iron during the Fourth Great Ninja War. His parents died in the war, leaving the little Tadashī orphaned after the war. Thus, his hatred for the ninja began. He hated them for abandoning his parents and, more importantly, needing the samurai to help clean up their mess. He then became a ronin and left, swearing to purify the Land of Iron and segregate them from the ninja.


Despite his infamy, Tadashī isn't very distinguishable nor is he unique looking or interesting. His shaggy black hair and ebony eyes combined with his pure black kimono and emo-esque eyes make him hard to see in the dark which never was his intention in the first place. He just likes black. Tadashī, while not muscular, is well-built and tall, making him the subject of some girlish fancy wherever he goes.




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