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Sword Transformation Technique
Name Sword Transformation Technique
Rank A
Hand Seals Half Seal
Range Short
Type Supplimental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
User(s) Akane Uzumaki


Wielding the sword with one hand, Akane Uzumaki makes a half seal with the other hand and while flowing Yin-Yang Release chakra into the sword, she manipulates it with the half seal. While preforming this technique, Akane must be careful not to put too much or too little chakra into the sword or the sword won't come out right. If there is too little, the sword either won't fully form or will be smaller than intended however, too much will result in the sword being much bigger than intended. On rare occasions, too little chakra will result in the sword's materials weaking and making it unusable however, too much chakra also has the potential of increasing the weight of the sword with or without the size increase. When done right, it can be turned into any type of sword imaginable, whether or not it exists which means means your only limited by your imagination and knowledge however, swords with special properties like the swords of the seven swordsmen are much more difficult to maintain than normal swords. This is because it costs chakra for the sword to maintain it's shape and extra chakra to use the special properties of the copied sword. 

In order for it to become a copy of an existing sword however, the user must know the desired sword's shape and size as well as any and all special properties of the sword otherwise it can't transform. Unfortunately, the sword can't become an exact replica as the material used for the sword being transformed stays the same so if the sword is made up of a stronger material, then the copy will be a second rate version. Another important thing to note is that the sword can only turn into other kinds of swords and while it is unknown why, attempts to turn it into other kinds of weapons have been proven futile.

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