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Susanoo Genjutsu
Susanoo Genjutsu
When Susanoo Genjutsu is used
Name Susanoo Genjutsu
Kanji 須佐能乎幻術
Literal English He with the ability to help by all means Illusion Technique
Type Supplementary
Classification Genjutsu
Parent jutsu Sharingan Triple Genjutsu: Sharingan
User(s) Katashi Uchiha


Susanoo Genjutsu is a powerful Genjutsu that involves the Uchiha's special Dojutsu, Sharingan. It will assimilate the users chakra to form a Susanoo figure that will break the victims will power completely.


Once the user has made eye contact they can trap their opponent into the Genjutsu. At first the victim won't see nothing but blackness all around. Then the victim's head and body will be forced to turn and stay still as a small source of Chakra comes from the blackness and will be colored differently, depending on the user. The chakra will quickly block the victims vision with the color of chakra and will morph into a shadowy colored figure that resembles the Susanoo.

The figure will grab victims body soon the same material the figure is made out of starts to spread covering the head of the victim completely. They will then find themselves back into the real world unable to move a single muscle. The victim will experience temporary brain trauma and will slowly lose control of there body as they go unconscious. The amount of time they are incapacitated could range from a simple 1 minute to an entire day, the time rely's on the users skill. Once they awaken they will find themselves weakened and there bodies will take time to recover making them severely at a disadvantage as all there motor functions will be at 50%. It will also take time for them to be able to perform ninjutsu again.

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