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Fire Giant
Name Supernove
Rank S
Range All Ranges
Type Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Fire Release
User(s) Hisashi Sarutobi

One of Hisashi Sarutobi's strongest technique, Supernova is a technique deemed forbidden by Hisashi and many other people. By producing a humongous amount of fire and heat into a giant ball of fire, Hisashi creates a potent ball of pure destructive purposes. The intense heat that emits from this ball of fire is enough to scorch surrounding objects, melt metals, and even evaporate water. When thrown, the explosion of fire blankets a large area the size of a small village. The after effect of this technique leaves nothing but destruction in its wake. Nothing is left from this technique as it either melted or completely vaporized whatever is under the wrath of this technique.

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