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Super Open Hand Slap
Name Super Open Hand Slap
Kanji 超張り手
Literal English Super Open Hand Slap
Other Name(s) Human Jackhammer
Rank B-Rank
Range Short to Mid Range
Type Offensive
Classification Taijutsu
Chakra Flow


After using the Multi-Size Technique to increase their size, the user funnels chakra into their hands, which causes special markings to appear in them. The weight and power of the hands are greatly increased because of the larger size, the muscles are activated with concentrated chakra, and the thickness is also increased. With so much chakra that it becomes visible, the user's palms become like an iron hammer. This gives this attack the power to even cave in the earth, causing extensive crushing damage to anything that may be caught beneath them. This attack is also shown to have a wide range due to the increased size of his palms.

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