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Summoning: Rashōmon
Name Summoning: Rashōmon
Kanji 口寄せ・羅生門
Literal English Summoning: Rashōmon
Other Name(s) Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Snake
Type Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Space-Time Ninjutsu
User(s) Hebi


Shut tightly, this menacing gate when summoned provides a tremendous defense for its summoner and is able to completely intercept an opponent's physical attack. According to Sakon and Ukon, this technique boasts an ultimate defense and the fact that Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru managed to dent it was no small feat. In the anime, this gate also possesses offensive capabilities, able to launch a giant swarm of blades at the opponent, though the gates themselves are vulnerable to attacks that cripple their base, causing them to collapse. With enough mastery over this technique, the user can use it or its stronger variations without the need for hand seals.

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