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Suigetsu Ketsueki
Personal Status
Birthdate April 7
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 179.4 cm
Weight 59.9 kg
Blood Type O
Clan Blood Release Ketsueki Clan
Classification Freelance
Kekkei Genkai Blood Release Blood Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Nature Icon Water Hiding in Mist Technique
Weapons Nunchuks


Suigetsu Ketsueki is a shinobi hailing from the Ketsueki Clan. He is currently a freelance that, who once belonged to the Hidden Mist. Sui, is known in Kirigakure by his moniker The Blood That Never Stops Flowing (血の永流, Chi no Eiryū). Additionally, he is a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

Background Edit

Suigetsu is a notable member of both the Ryūgakure ANBU, and the Ketsueki Clan. Some time as a jonin he was sent on a mission to retrieve intel on Kirigakure, which is when he had a clash with the previous user of Hiramekarei. The battle was fierce, but in the end Suigetsu's Blood Release was to much for the foe leading to his death. As a token of victory Suigetsu took the blade for himself. After that successful mission, he was recruited into the ANBU.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

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