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Strong Fist
320px-Strong Fist
Name Strong Fist
Kanji 剛拳
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Strong Fist
Other Name(s) Iron Fist
Range Short-range
Type Offensive
Classification Taijutsu, Fighting Style
User(s) Ren Mori

Strong Fist is Guy's and Lee's characteristic fighting style, the purpose of which is to cause external damage and break bones. It is the exact opposite of Gentle Fist which is used mainly by the Hyūga clan.[1] This style of fighting involves smashing your opponent and is generally used only by extremely physically powerful and dominating shinobi.

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See Also Edit

  • External Martial Art Style - Martial art styles that emphasise on the refinement of the body and physical prowess.
  • Hard Martial Art Style - Martial art styles that teach techniques that involve meeting and countering an opponent's incoming force with equal and/or overwhelming force.
  • Koppōjutsu - Literally means "Attacks against bones technique". Real Life Ninja Art.

References Edit

  1. Naruto chapter 79, page 8

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