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Stringless Puppet Technique
Name Stringless Puppet Technique
Other Name(s) Stringless Puppet Manipulation Technique
Rank C
Hand Seals None
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature None
Parent jutsu Puppet Technique
Derived jutsu N/A
User(s) Gorou


An advanced form of the Puppet Technique invented by Gorou that allows the shinobi to manipulate puppets with their chakra in it without the need to keep strings attached. This is so that the strings can't be used against the puppet master such as locating the puppet master or to stealing chakra from the puppet master. While it is relatively easy to learn to manipulate one puppet this way, like the Puppet Technique, the difficulty increases with each additional puppet and gets even more difficult the further and further away the puppet(s) get from the caster. However, even it's creator has a difficulty controlling multiple puppets with this jutsu and only uses it on one puppet at a time normally.

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