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Sticky Chakra Armor
Name Sticky Chakra Armor
Rank A
Hand Seals None
Range Short
Type Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Parent jutsu Sticky Fist
User(s) Hansha Uchiha

The user of this technique can manifest a layer of chakra on various parts of their body, similar to the tree-climbing practice. This allows them to adhere to objects with almost any part of the body, utilizing all tenketsu in a manner not utilized by any except the Hyuga Clan.

In another parallel to that clan, this technique makes a halfway effective defense against the Gentle Fist, often negating both instead of the user taking damage. [1] However, sufficiently powerful or fast attacks can easily pierce this makeshift defense, as the user must will it to specific portions of their body.


  1. Uchiha Chapter 9, The Eyes That See Fate

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