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Steel Release: Conductive Strike
Name Steel Release: Conductive Strike
Kanji 鋼盤発売:導電性殴打
Literal English Steel Release: Conductive Strike
Range Short Range
Type Kekkei Genkai, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Chakra Nature Lightning Release, Fire Release
User(s) Daisuke

By using one of his natures, Daisuke combines Steel Release with lightning or fire in a point or his whole body. If he uses lightning, Daisuke can cut through things, or just increase damage. If he uses fire, he heats up the steel around him which causes the heat on a point of his body to be very hot, hotter than some Fire Release techniques. It is an ok thing to use for defense, purposes, for example, if someone uses water against the lighting portion, they would increase his attack power.

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