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Star Release
Name Star Release
Kanji 恒星星遁
Other Name(s) Star Style, Gravity Release, Gravity Style
Clan Haven Clan

Star Release (恒星星遁 Kōsei 'Seiton viz. Star Style, viz. Gravity Style) is an advanced nature Kekkei Tota, comprising of the elements Fire Release, Lightning Release, and Yang Release.  The Star Release Kekkei Tota is found only within Nobunaga Haven, the former head of Hoshigakure, who's currently in the Akatsukinosora. 


Shinno (3)

Nobunaga in his Final Star Form during his final battle

Star Release is a very unique which has only ever been seen used by Nobunaga Haven, from Hoshigakure, who currently works for the Akatsukinosora.  Star Release, as explained by Nobunaga, gives the user abilities related to a star.  Most notably, their intense gravitaional pull, allowing them to mimic control over gravity.  This is a very braod category, as it's nearly limitless what Nobunaga is able to do with gravity, having completely mastered this Kekkei Tota during his long life.  He can vastly increase gravity on his enemies or other objects, vastly decrease gravity on his enemies or other objects, and even create a gravitational pull around himself, either pulling enemies into him or repelling enemies away from him, should he chose to use a reverse gravitational pull. 

Despite it's usefulness, Star Release does have one major weakness.  The more he uses it, the more his own gravity will press down on his bones and muscles, until it eventually crushes him to death.  Although the exact amount of time is unconfirmed, Nobunaga assumes that if he were to enter into a prolonged battle that lasted two days non stop, and he was using it for all of tha time, he'd end up being crushed under the weight of his own gravity.  Due to this, he only prefers to use it for up to several hours at a time, which then requires at least a day of cool down time before he uses it again. 


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