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Star Armour
Name Star Armour
User(s) Osamu Hoshi


The Star Armour is a set of armour. It is created when the Blue Star collects enough energy to create a peice of armour. But, the armour does come in diffrent peices. Each peice has a diffrent ability and will need a diffrent stage of th Star Seal to use its ability.


The Helm blocks all genjutsu effects that are the rank of B or lower.

The user will need the third stage of the Star Seal.


The Chestplate will ampify the users Chakra Release.

The user needs the Ninth stage.


The Gloves allows the user to absorb chakra. This will even work when they only have on glove. Although they will need that hand to be on their opponts. The glove needs to touching the victim for their chakra to be absorbing. This cannot absorb techniques what-so-ever. The user also cannot absorb Natures or anything similar to that.

The user needs the Fifth Stage.


The Leggingings is just for defensive pourpose.

The user will need the First Stage.


The boots will allow the user to run faster then they normally would.

The user will need the Second Stage.

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