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Sprout Release: Double-Edged Piercing Grass
Name Sprout Release: Double-Edged Piercing Grass
Literal English Piercing Grass
Other Name(s) Sword Grass
Rank C-Rank
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seals
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Tota
Chakra Nature Sprout Release
Parent jutsu Sprout Release: Growing Field
User(s) Kiriko

This technique uses grass to puncture and cut people when they are walking pr running on grass. Kiriko made this technique to slow down people when they are running through a field or are of grass. The grass can puncture the sandals or shoes ninja wear, or just cut their ankles while they are going through the grass. When Kiriko uses Spout Release: Growing Field in conjunction with this technique, it can kill people. Since the grass are as tall as a person and as thick as a sword, to can give deep cuts and punctures that can kill people. The grasses would also be able to block projectiles and even sword slashes when those 2 techniques are used on conjunction.

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