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Split Chakra Strings
Name Split Chakra Strings
Rank B
Hand Seals None
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Chakra Flow
Chakra Nature None
Parent jutsu Chakra Threads
Derived jutsu Chakra Strings Tree
User(s) Gorou


Invented this technique to take the chakra strings technique to the next level, Gorou mimics the shadow techniques of the Nara clan and splits off from the end into sort of branches that extend as far as the user is able to allow the shinobi to control multiple puppets at once with a single main chakra string. While one method of controlling the puppets attached is by moving one's finger as is done with the original chakra strings, this will make them all move in the same fashion, in order to make each one move individually, "chakra pulses" must be sent through the strings by using chakra flow and specifically directed down one of the string branches otherwise it will be sent to a different puppet depending on the number of strings and their location among other factors. The downside of this technique though is that it requires a lot of concentration and extremely precise chakra control, otherwise something other than what is intended to happen will happen and it costs extra chakra that it's parent technique, the original chakra strings does not require, eating up chakra however, the amount needed is actually rather negligible like the chakra drain to an Uchiha using the Sharingan. 

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