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"Touch me, and I'll touch you back ."

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Sphere of Enlightenment
Name Sphere of Enlightenment
Kanji 悟りの球
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Sphere of Enlightenment
Other Name(s) Seventh Sense (第七感, Dainana-kan; ; ; )
Rank S
Range All ranges
Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
User(s) Mikoto

The Sphere of Enlightenment is a unique Wind Release technique developed by Mikoto, involving spreading her chakra over a wide area of air. It can be used as a sensing technique by chakra signatures coming into contact with it, and also can be manipulated to have her perform feats such as suck oxygen out of an area or create a vacuum.

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