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Space-Time Warp: White Hole Generation
Name Space-Time Warp: White Hole Generation
Kanji 反り時空:ホワイトホール生成
Literal English Space-Time Warp: White Hole Generation
Range Short to Mid Range
Type Space-Time Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive
User(s) Raiko

This technique was created by Raiko through the Space-Time Scroll. It is the direct counter to Space-Time Warp: Black Hole Annihilation, and with the counter, instead of a gravitational pull, its a push. But unlike Black Hole Annihilation, White Hole Generation is always stable. By concentrating chakra into his hand, a ball is created, but he uses Space-Time Ninjutsu chakra to create a white hole. By doing this, he is able to make a continuous repelling force that comes from it. Its like a gravitational push that comes from it, though the only way for this technique to be effective is for it to make contact with an object. The pushing force comes from all sides, except when held by Raiko it doesn't go towards his hand.

When the ball makes contact with the object, as long as the ball is touching that object, it pushes things internally. There is no exit point, so by the time he takes the ball off of the object, massive damage is done internally, to a human, it would kill them if hit in the right spot. Raiko can turn up the pushing force as well by forcing more chakra into the white ball so it can emit more and more pushing force. He can also throw this technique, it stays intact, though looses pushing force when thrown; also he can make it as big as the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan though at the cost of his chakra.

Advanced VersionEdit

In the Advanced Version, Raiko materializes his chakra when making the White Hole, causing the ball to materialize when he forms it. When this happens, the ball is able to phase through things, then by connecting his chakra into this ball, Raiko can make it remotely materialize or through a certain time period. If the ball gets inside the object, it will continue to do damage in the inside of that object until the object is no more. The Advanced Version cost more chakra

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