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Space-Time Sword

Introduction To The SwordEdit

This sword was founded by and is currently wielded by Raiko. The sword was found in a very old ruin in the Land of Fire. For a moment, Raiko didn't even want the sword just because it was in an old ruin and he was on a mission. But something clicked in his mind to just take the sword, so he did. At the time, Raiko was starting to learn the Flying Thunder God Technique so he didn't have time for the sword. Then when he got into the Anbu, he needed a sword, so he took the sword he found. Then while on a mission he tried out the sword, and as soon as he took the blade out of the sheath, a bright light came from it and something imprinted on his hand. Well, being Raiko, he didn't think not one thing about it, then when he was trying to use the Space-Time Barrier to warp away this attack, a void opened up. The void sucked up the attack and sent it back towards the attacker. Raiko was thrilled with this sword. So he trained with it and learned a few things about this sword.

The Swords TechniquesEdit

One day while training with the sword, he dropped it and at the handle of the sword at the bottom was like a cap. In the handle was a scroll that contained the instructions to specific techniques that the sword could do that were connected to the Flying Thunder God Technique.

One of those techniques was one that he had experienced already, it was called the Space-Time Warp Barrier. Where he could warp something into a void and it would come out where a Flying Thunder God Formula of Raiko's is.

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