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The Space-Time scroll is a scroll that is inside the handle of the Space-Time Sword. This scroll has many space-time techniques in them, some dealing with teleportation, some with gravity, some barriers, and a lot of other things in it. Right now, Raiko is the only person to know about the scroll and is he thinks he is the only one to that has ever read the contents in the scroll, he has no idea who made the scroll. The scroll divides these techniques according to their risk factor and difficulty. There are 4 section's so far with 2 techniques (except section 4) in each of the sections. The scroll its self is tricky, because from what Raiko can tell, there are a lot more sections and techniques, but the scroll will only reveal those sections and techniques when Raiko masters the ones before the next sections.

Section 1Edit

Section 2Edit

Section 3Edit

Section 4Edit

Space-Time Warp: Black Hole Annihilation

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