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Space-Time Force Field Generation
Name Space-Time Force Field Generation
Kanji 時空力場の生成
Literal English Space-Time Force Field Generation
Range All Ranges
Type Ninjutsu
Space-Time Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
User(s) Raiko


This technique was created by Raiko through the help of the Space-Time Scroll. With this technique, Raiko can make a space-time force field around an object with a seal. Similar to the formula of the Flying Thunder God Technique, Raiko places a seal on an object, that seal then sends a signal of chakra that goes around the outline of the object. Also when that signal of chakra is sent, the space-time force field is generated around the object and connects to the objects center of mass. From there on Raiko can manipulate the force field to effect the center of mass on the object. He can make the center of mass grow larger through the force field which would seemingly dissolve the object from existence. Or he can make the force field compress the object making it cram into that small center of mass causing the object to seemingly warp out of existence.

If this is done to a person, they die, there is no way to escape it unless Raiko stops it. In some instances, Raiko can fit the force field to his choosing around and object, if he doesn't want the full outline of the object, he can manipulate the force field to a certain shape if he wants.


In a defensive or supplementary perspective, he can put it around himself or another object to benefit. He uses the same concept as he would with the offensive portion of the technique, just that with the defensive, he makes the force field around himself or object balance out. By making it to where the center of mass that the field is connected to grow larger, and compress smaller at the same time, so essentially the two forces have a constant repel action. When this is done, its like he has a barrier around himself or the object, nothing can get to him or the object.


The good thing is, is that physical attacks will not work at all when used defensively, though if he messes up the equality of the forces, it would kill him. Also, it cannot defend from techniques that are not physical (fuinjutsu included), since they won't be physical they would not be effected by this technique.


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