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Yin-Yang Soul Split Technique
Name Yin-Yang Soul Split Technique
Literal English Soul Fragmention Technique
Rank S
Hand Seals Rat → snake → dog → horse → monkey → ram → bird → tiger
Incantation None
Range Close to long
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, Hiden & Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
User(s) Ken'ichi

Level OneEdit

The user focuses their chakra into their hand, grabbing at themself and focusing their chakra to bypass their body to their soul, allowing them to grab and literally pull out a fragment of their soul to be placed within another vessel. When they reach to their soul, the user can pull off a peice from any part of their soul without having to go to that section of their body and preform the technique. In order for the transfer to work correctly, the vessel must be alive and strong enough to host the fragment as a dead vessel wouldn't hold onto it and a sick or otherwise weak vessel would destroy it. Another downfall is the vessel must be an adult and be very still so the fragment can find the place within the new vessel which it was extracted from in the old vessel to settle, suppressing that part of the vessel's soul and making them a bit susecptible to the user's will. The soul fragment contains part of the user's chakra, roughly four percent which allows the technique user to influence the vessel with the dog hand seal. This influence is rather minor and only creates rather weak impulses or desires to have the vessel do as the user wishes.

As time goes on, the soul fragment that occupies the vessel can gradually gather chakra from the vessel when they are not using it into itself and transforming it into the chakra of the fragment's owner but this can be stopped with the rat hand seal. It takes the soul fragment an hour to gather four percent of the vessel's chakra thus, a total of one day and one hour is required for the vessel to attain the max chakra reserves of the vessel as it can't go over. Once this has accrued, the soul fragment starts to reform itself within the vessel, using it's chakra to do so until either the vessel is in danger such as engaging in a battle with an enemy or suffers from a poison or disease, ceasing it's activities in order to allow the vessel to recupporate then resumes until it is back down to four percent chakra. As the soul is reformed, the vessel will find themself more easily controlled by the whims and desires of the technique user via the soul fragment until the vessel is completely under the control of the newly formed soul, having all the knowledge of what is going on but without the ability to do anything about it. 

However, while the vessel is in control, it will find themselves be able to use the techniques and base natures of the intruding soul though kekkei genkai techniques and advanced natures are off limits. Likewise, the soul gains the base natures of the vessel and the techniques that go along with them however, the soul also gains the advanced natures of the vessel if they had the natures for it when they entered the body and can only use the advanced natures created by combining two of the vessel's natures, not the soul's. This means that the new natures the vessel gain's from the soul do not count in allowing the soul to use more advanced natures as it is theirs and not the vessel's. However, the technique is extremely risky because splitting one's soul causes the remains of the person's soul to start destabilizing and cause the person suffering, the inability to use chakra and limit what technique or natures they can do as well as insanity and death.

It is nearly impossible to predict what side effects will accrue however, it is known that the more you split your soul, the worst the effects will be however, the soul fragments or complete souls in another body will not suffer from these effects as they are not connected that strongly, nor can they use this technique. Should the user extract the last part of their soul and place it in another, the person's body will die shortly after the extraction though they will have enough time to place it in another vessel usually. Soul fragments or complete souls in another vessel that lose their vessels through death will cease to exist altogether, preventing ressurection by the reanimation technqiue. In cases where a completed soul of the technique user lacks the guidance of the technique user, the completed soul will gain complete control over itself and be able to use this technique along with any other the technique user knew upon creation of the fragment.

Level 2Edit

Having mastered level one, the user can now locate vessels using the dog → tiger → rat hand seals followed by the sensory technique's hand seal which is maintained to locate the vessel's exact coordinates. If followed by the dragon hand seal, the user can limit the techniques and natures the vessel can use, thus limiting the amount of resistance he or she can put up. The limit can be altered with the dragon hand seal again and all limits removed by use of the dog hand seal. Like level one, the soul will be lost should the vessel be destroyed however, use of the bird hand seal allows the user to extract the soul or soul fragment from a vessel and return it to them as long as they are within twenty feet however, with intense training the user can increase the range to four miles however, that level of training takes many, many years to accomplish.

When the completed soul or soul fragment is returned to it's original body, the person's soul becomes whole and gains the basic natures of the vessel in which part of their soul was in, allowing the technique user to have all eight basic releases however, they do not gain the kekkei genkai or advanced natures of the vessel though they can learn the kekkei tota of the vessel. The will not become complete again if a soul fragment returns and there are still other peices unless the soul fragment has reformed enough to fill the empty spaces.

Other Info (WIP)Edit

During creation of this technique, Ken'ichi discovered that that should the user attempt to place a part of his or her soul into a vessel of the Soul Collection Technique, a large chunk of the user's soul is required for the implantation to be considered a success since the spirits contained within the vessel of the Soul Collection Technique would be able to use whatever chakra they have to suppress the fragment and prevent it from ever becoming whole, let alone dominant. Of course, even if it does manage to become whole, the fragment would constantly be fighting the other spirits contained within the vessel just to get the chance to take over, and even more so during the process of taking over.


  • This technique originated from a member of the Yamanaka Clan who was banished for practicing kinjutsu.

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