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Yin-Yang Soul Collection Technique
Name Yin-Yang Soul Collection Technique
Rank S
Range All
Type Suppliment
Classification Ninjutsu, Hiden & Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation
User(s) Hiraku


With this technique, the user can summon souls from the next life or even souls that are departing for the next life and place it within a vesse or properly prepared container for storagel. Vessels has to be a living being of the same species, otherwise they won't be compatible and the vessel could die and set the soul free. Reanimiated people are unfit as vessels since the very nature of their existance would conflict with the effeciency of the technique since the extra soul(s) within the vessel will attempt to become dominant right away, leaving the renanimated person immobile during the struggle for control where the body flickers between the original soul which the reanimation technique was used to recreate and the body of the extra soul. Usually, attempting this would destabilize the reanimation technique and release both souls back into the afterlife, killing the unfortunate person who was the host for the reanimation. The vessel is able to tap into the mind(s) of the soul or souls contained within them, learning virtually everything they, the soul(s) know however, some souls may be strong and attempt to block the vessel from attaining certain knowledge they possess or try to keep the vessel out of their mind altogether however, a vessel with enough mental dicipline can overtake the mind of a soul unless that soul has more mental dicipline. Sadly, simply having these souls within them does not grant the vessels access to the kekkei genkai of the souls, this includes advanced natures since the bloodlines of both vessel and soul never touch however, the vessel is still able to "use" them through watching the memories of a soul.

Of course, one of the dangers of having a spirit contained within a person is that the soul will naturally try to either break free and return to the afterlife or take control of the vessel's body. Souls also have whatever chakra they had left when their bodies died, using that to either break free of the vessel or take control of the vessel however, the soul replenishes chakra at roughly 1/3 the normal rate of a living person so if the soul doesn't take control, they will have a while to wait before they can try again. Should the the soul succeed in taking over the vessel, the vessel's body changes to reflect the soul's body when they were in their prime and unlike when they are suppressed, the soul now regenerates chakra at a normal rate. When a soul is control of the vessel's body, they are able to store away some chakra generated within themself encase they, the soul is suppressed again that way, the soul has chakra left to attempt to take control of the vessel once again however, they can't store more than twice their normal max chakra limits otherwise it will start to leak out and become accessible by other spirits dwelling within the vessel.

Souls contained within the vessel do not have access to the minds of the other souls trapped within the body, nor the abilities of the other spirits such as kekkei genkai and can't communicate with the other spirits however, the dominant spirit can use their kekkei genkai normally since the body changes to become the body of the dominant soul however, they are limited by what they could and couldn't do in life though in theory, they can train and remove some of their limits as well as gain new ones. Dominant souls also can't tap into the chakra they stored because they have to use the chakra naturally accumulated by the body and doing otherwise would make the soul too powerful and nearly unbeatable. Souls that are being contained and are not dominant can limitly communicate with the other souls within the body with the same position as they though limited because more than 15 minutes would become to hard on the spirts involved however, that time and limits can be altered through regular communication between the spirits. Finally, when the soul of the vessel is suppressed, they will have virtually no chakra and will be unable to communicate with the other non dominant spirits right away however, this once dominant spirit also regains chakra at about 1/3 the normal regeneration rate of the body so they can eventually take control of their body once more. Of course, souls contained within a vessel's body, whether the soul is dominant or not can't be summoned by for example the Impure World Reincarnation technique however, it is possible though very impropable that a technique can summon the soul from the vessel's body since the soul becomes bound to the body which they are bound to.

During creation of the Soul Split Technique, Ken'ichi discovered that that should the vessel use the Soul Split Technique to place a part of his or her soul into a vessel of their own, their soul would easily become overtaken by the soul(s) contained within the vessel as the technique weakens the user. Unfortunately, no one who has ever done this has ever regained control of their body however, it can also be used to place a contained soul within the vessel into another vessel or to release it and allow it to go to the next life. Foolish users of the Soul Split Technique can also use it to put a portion of their soul into the vessel of this technique however, it requires a large chunk of the user's soul for the implantation to be considered a success since the spirits contained within the vessel of the Soul Collection Technique would be able to use whatever chakra they have to suppress the fragment and prevent it from ever becoming whole, let alone dominant. Of course, even if it does manage to become whole, the fragment would constantly be fighting the other spirits contained within the vessel just to get the chance to take over, and even more so during the process of taking over.


  • Aftr learned it from Ken'ichi, Hiraku would often collect souls by using the Earth Bound Technique to trap the souls of the dead in our world then uses this technique to store them within preprepared containers to give to Ken'Ichi.

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