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Solid State Seal
Name Solid State Seal
Kanji 固体封印
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Solid State Seal
Rank C
Type Supplementary
Classification Fūinjutsu
User(s) Anjin Uzumaki

This is a technique-specific seal blocking access to the Hydrification Technique. It was created by Anjin Uzumaki through extended contact with Kotone Hōzuki, working to control her chakra seizures.


At one point, Anjin, as an expert in Fuinjutsu, was called in by the Hōzuki Clan to help one of their members. Kotone Hōzuki was unable to control her Hydrification Technique due to random flares of her chakra, in a manner known as Chakra Seizures (チャクラ痙攣, Chakura Keiren; ; ; ). However, they were unable to perform treatment due to her chakra automatically activating the Hydrification Technique at very inconvenient times, rendering their work to repair her chakra useless. A mission request asking for Anjin was sent to Tekkō, and Anjin began the task of interacting with her in the process of devising a sealing technique to complete the mission. Throughout the months of work, the two grew close, and when Anjin finally finished the seal, Kotone celebrated her newfound solidity by sleeping with Anjin, who was afterwards chased out of Kirigakure.


The seal, a three-circle matrix, is usually prepared on a tag of sealing paper, and is activated upon contact, burning through the paper and attaching itself to the user's chakra system. The seal can only be removed through complete removal of the body part and chakra network in that area, or by the user releasing the technique or dying.

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