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Solar Release
Name Solar Release
Kanji 日遁
Rōmaji Hiton
Literal English Solar Release

Solar Release is a Kekkei Genkai that combines Fire Release, and Lightning Release that has 3 functions. One function is that it burns as hot or hotter than a real lightning bolt (A real lightning bolt can reach up to 50,000 degrees which is hotter than the sun's surface, but the heat Solar Release emits isn't close to 50,000 degrees.) Also it gives off a very bright light that is able to blind people, then the last function is to manipulate solar energy or heat to a degree. For example, when you put a magnified glass under the rays of the sun, it focuses on a point and starts to burn it. Well Solar Release has jutsu that is just like this but on a larger scale.

Also Fire Release techniques do not work on a Solar Release person, and some Lightning Release Techniques don't as well. If a fire release technique is shot at a Solar Release person they can use that fire to heat up their body or make another technique from it.

Generation 2 Solar ReleaseEdit

Stage 2 Solar Release gives access to this dojutsu called Taiyō no Hitomi, which means Eye of the Sun. Moyasu is a generation 2 Solar Release user, he was born a generation 2 Solar Release user, and it rarely occurs. You can tell if someone has this dojutu because there is this seal over one of their eyes.

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