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Snake Clone Trap
Name Snake Clone Trap
Kanji スネーククローントラップ
Rōmaji {{{romaji}}}
Literal English Snake Clone Trap
Type Ninjutsu, Clone Technique
Classification Suppelmentary
Parent jutsu Skin Shedding Substitution
User(s) Yaichi

Yaichi uses the same concept with his Skin Shedding Substitution, but this time he puts snakes inside the clone. As soon as something comes into contact, the snakes come out and strike the thing that contacted the clone. Or if someone was to punch through the clone, the snakes wraps the attackers hand and keeps he/she trapped for a attack. The problem is that he can only have so many snakes to use for this trap, the maximum he can do this is about 5 times before he runs out of snakes to use.

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