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Snake Art: Venom Bite Technique
Name Snake Art: Venom Bite Technique
Kanji スネークアート:毒咬合テクニック
Literal English Snake Art: Venom Bite Technique
Rank A-Rank
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Parent jutsu Snake Art: Poisonous Claws Technique
User(s) Hebi


Hebi had created this technique with the concept, that some types of snakes have venom within their teeth that could kill or immobilize their opponent. He had done this before with his Snake Art: Poisonous Claws Technique and decided to make a more deadly version with his teeth.

Once you use this technique the user will gain two fangs that are hollowed out. As they are hollowed out they will constantly produce venom and it will normally flow out of the users mouth. The user is able to retract the venom but it would take about five minutes for the venom to return.

The user of this technique can bite into their opponent for their poison to be released. The poison will be much more effective then its parent technique, as the poison is stronger and runs though the veins much quicker. Once the poison is ejected into the victims blood stream they will have a certain amount of time before they die, the more poison will cause death quicker.

Hebi has another option for this technique. As the fangs go into his opponent he will eject a different poison that, instead of killing, will immobilize them. This poison works very quickly and a single cut with his fang would instantly take effect, depending on how much was ejected. This poison does run out very quickly as it's in the blood system. Hebi can, however, inject even more into the victim for the effect to be active.

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